The Melyos System is located 27999.68 ly (or 8584.74 pc) from the galactic center of Via Sagittaria and 55999.35 ly (or 17169.48 pc) from the Helyar System. The system has the particularity of being located at this time exactly behind the galactic center from Helyar System and being at the same distance from the galactic center as Helyar System. In addition, it is the mother system of the humeiga civilization and have a wormhole.


The Melyos System is made up of two stars, Melyos, a G2 V type solar star and Lemerya, a L V type brown star, which they take 4,723.42 years to orbit.

The system does not have asteroids and comets. One explanation could be related that they all crashed into planets or stars or escaped from the system when a star passed out of the nearby system.

Position in the system Name Picture Description
1 Melyos
1 0 Melyos.png
Star G2 V.
1.1 Laveh
1 1 Laveh.png
Lava world with mining station around the planet to extract precious minerals.
1.2 Junest
1 2 Junest.png
Terrestrial world with organic life and colonies.
1.3 Aureiga-Selos Barycenter.
1.3.1 Aureiga Terrestrial world with organic life and home planet of humeigas.
1.3.2 Selos
1 3 1 Selos.png
Barren world with some colonies on the surface.
1.4 Saring
1 4 Saring.png
Terrestrial world with ring and colonies on the surface.
1.5 Ceryous
1 5 Ceryous.png
Barren world with some colonies on the surface.
1.6 Zeuters Gas giant with a thin ring and have 8 dwarfs moons.
1.6.1 Toi
1 6 1 Toi.png
Terrestrial world with major part occupied with oceans. Have some colonies on the surface.
1.6.2 Leeikibi
1 6 2 Leeikibi.png
Terrestrial world without oceans.
1.6.3 Gacru
1 6 3 Gacru.png
Barren world.
1.6.4 Olamta
1 6 4 Olamta.png
Ice world.
1.7 Bluneidon Ice giant with a ring and have 13 dwarfs moons.
1.7.1 Tatani
1 7 1 Tatani.png
Barren world.
1.7.2 Aitta
1 7 2 Aitta.png
Hydrocarbonia world. Have some colonies on the surface.
1.7.3 Lopares
1 7 3 Lopares.png
Barren world.
1.8 Melyos Wormhole
1 8 0 Melyos Wormhole.png
Wormhole artificial connected to Helyar Wormhole.
2 Lemerya
2 0 Lemerya.png
Brown star L V.
2.1 Iura
2 1 Iura.png
Ice world.
2.2 Selem
2 2 Selem.png
Barren world.
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