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Basic scheme of the Miaris Arm

The Miaris Arm is a galactic arm of the Lewis Galaxy in Herschel Space, thus it is located in between the Fokea Arm and the Nephos Arm. It also touches the Drakori Arm on towards the inner core of the galaxy quite briefly. It is divided between the Empire of Mankind and the United Alliance, as well as the Republic of Sion. Some of its systems are located within the Federation and the Aldorian and Krizik nations.

The shortest of the Arms in the Lewis Galaxy it is however one of the most populated and dense and also crucial of all the five arms in the Galaxy as it contains most of the Core Worlds of the Empire of Mankind and the Intergalactic Federation. It is has a total of about 300 billion star systems and about 18 sextilion inhabitants. Most of them are located on the Erinos Segment where more than half of the star systems and two thirds of the total inhabitants of the arm live.

The trajectory of the galactic arm through the sectors goes as follow: From it's birth in the Inner Rudara Quadrant, it then follows all the way to the Inner Okaia Quadrant and then into the Yeda Quadrant, mostly through the Outer part of the Quadrant, where the last bit crosses into the Tirso Quadrant, where it finally ends. It touches all quadrants but it is mostly present in the Rudara, Okaia and Yedra Quadrants.

Regions and Segments

Erinos Segment

The Erinos Segment is the most important of the segments for the Empire of Mankind as it controls all of its core worlds, or most of them. It holds the three capital worlds, Elpida, Pax and Mitra and is the most populated within this nation as well of all the places under control of the Empire. The Erinos Segment is thus crucial for the Empire of Mankind and most of it is under heavy control of Humans.


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Asadren Segment

This area of the Arm is more diverse and is divided among several nations.


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Nations within the Arm

Empire of Mankind

The Empire is one of the main nations in the Miaris Arm, and it is here where most of its core worlds are located, including the three capitals and some of the most important worlds of the nation. The oldest of all the human inhabited planets in the entire Galaxy and is also home to the wormhole where Humanity travelled from towards Lewis.

United Alliance

Most of the vast majority of the Xeno founding worlds of the United Alliance in the Lewis Galaxy are located here. In fact the population of U.As territory within the Miaris Arm is mostly made of Xenos while Humans are a minority there.

Intergalactic Federation

The Union

The Arati Clans

Republic of Sion


Important Planets