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The Mikauvar are an elite force of warriors from the Empire of Mankind, native to the world of Fenris. They are one of the most hardly trained forces in Herschel Space. They are known by many names, such as the Seloitas or the Avar Warriors. The Mikauvar are slaves, genetically improved and selected to be a Warrior Elite Force.

Mikauvar training at Inishan

They are not common clone slaves, as they are trained specially and selected genetically in a careful way. They are selected to be very loyal to their masters and very strong. They also have an extreme endurance and go through a training for over 20 years since the moment they are born. They live up to 200 years, which is well above the average livespam of a normal clone slave, and they do not age. As all clone slaves, they are sterile.


The first warrior clone slave steps were given with the rise of slave clones in general, right after the War of the Two Emperors. This led to a production of clone warriors on masse. However, it wasnt until later, with the Imperial-Unionist War that the Mikauvar came to be. As a source of protecting the Emperor and the noble houses as guardians against those in the Union who had completed the Path of the Warrior. The Mikauvar were a counteroffensive to such elite warriors. Later into the war, the Mikauvar became more main stream and more diverse in their skills and training habilities, which made them perfect for elite troops and not only guardians of high status and the wealthy. The creation and perfection of the Mikauvar was a serious blow to the war.


The training of the Mikauvar is extreme. The first half of their lives they are inspected for sickness and discarded if the sickness is considerable. Then during their ealry years they endure a hard physical activity training, and are also trained on military knowledge and strategy. Soon after, they are prepared for the next step in their training. They get train for survival.

The second part of their training is done in the Planet of Okran, a deadly world. Not only are the atmosphere and climate terrible there, but the entire fauna and flora of the planet is extremely hostile and agressive. They have to survive in this planet on their own for a period of time. Then they are taken to Vaudra, the Oceanic Planet, a less hostile enviroment, where they can recover. Here they get social skills training and water training habilities. Finally, for the later part of their harsh training, they will be moved to Inishan, the Desertic world, where they will have to travel from A to B on their own, surviving in a hard hot and arid enviroment.

Once the physical test are done, they are sent back to take the final knowledge tests, record their surviving experiences and learnt skills among other activities. After this, they will be considered ready to be sold as elite warriors.

Those that perform guardian task are trained through the knowledge of those they will serve, they are conditioned to loved them and to be loyal to extreme levels. The Elite troops keep with their training, but this time as a group rather than as an individual. This extra group may even be training until the very moment they are needed.

The Company in Charge of Manufacturing this Slaves is Bioskava Laboratories. It is a private company that looks to improve the service they provide to their customers. Usually the government military or the Wealthy enough families to buy a Mikauvar.

Types of Mikauvar


This breed of Mikauvar are loyal servants, to the point of anulling their own personal will fully to devote themselves to protection of those assigned. For such commitment, they are genetically changed to be imprented to the lord they are destined to be guarding, in a sort of deep love. Sometimes, nobles will trust more their Mikauvar guardians than any other human free citizen of the Empire, as their free will makes them untrustful. The Guardians are breed and selected to protect the Emperor or the Noble they are assigned to. The Tarnos Dynasty has thousands of Mikauvar at their service, while a low noble may have, if wealthy enough, at least one. They are incredibly expensive and usually they are displaced as a source of power among the high nobles.

Elite Troops

This are generally trained in small batallions to perform in the battlefield as a living weapons towards enemies. They are giving the best armors and weaponry, and are feared by the enemy. Some of this troops have marked the difference between winning and loosing. They were key during the Relative's Wars in which they served the Tarnos dynasty to defeat the pretenders.


Some Mikauvar are used for exploration motives. They are used to go in advance on a unexplored terrestrial world and look up for agressive fauna and flora.