Mikos Void

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The void of Mikos is a large area of empty space on the outskirts of the Lewis Galaxy, in Herschel Space. It separates a small region, known as the Termula Region from the rest of the Galaxy. The void is crossable with efficient spacecrafts using Warp Drive but travelling sometimes might be hard due to space winds in the area.

The void is usually a vast desert with almost no stars in it or any system, that is usually known as a void-desert by the Lewisians. This void is what splits the Empire of Mankind from the Plutocracy of Gish. It is located on the outward area of the Lewis Galaxy. Some people compare it to a vast lake of emptiness between the Termula region and the rest of the Galaxy.

The Void is limited on the north by the Termula Region, on the 'right' side by the Nisapa Strait, or Pass as it is sometimes called, that connects the Termula Region, at the end of one of the Galactic Arms of the Lewis Galaxy) with the rest of the Galaxy. the Umaki Scattered Systems connect the Termula Region through it's 'Left' side, thus marking the left border of the void. However, this void is very loose. Isolated systems exist here, and navigation from each of them is difficult. For the most part the systems have been divided among the Plutocracy and the Empire, but control is just nominative. In reality the systems are a hidding place for mercenaries, pirates and other unwanted due to the isolation they provide and the difficult access to them. Still, one of the comercial routes still passes through that region conncecting the Plutocracy and the Empire.

The Void is the main reason that has kept the Plutocracy apart from the empire. In the early days it served as a geographical barrier to colonization of the Termula Region and to attacks from the Empire, allowing the Plutocracy to exist and devellop on its own without being conquered or crushed by the Empire..

No Hyperspace lines exist in the void or through it, and no travelling wormholes either. This has made the place only crossable through Warp drive space travel. It takes about 2 standard years with this method to cross when on the borders of the void where the gap is smaller and up to about 120 standard years to cross it on it's middle, where the void is wider.

Systems inside the Void

Only 6 habitable systems exist on the void, very isolated and apart from each other (from a total of around 90-100 stars). However, about 94% of the population in the void lives within 4 main systems which are located in the main travelling routes through the void.

Two systems are known to be inhabited (although it's population is very minimal) but most of the inhabitants here are almost semi-independent. This has made those systems trully isolated from any Lewis nation. Most of the area remains in relative anarchy and is considered wild space. Mercenaries, run aways and others are located here. This systems, considered neutral for the Empire and the Plutocracy, have been used for neutral negotiations in times of conflict. No strategic position nor resources are to be found in those systems, allowing them to be left on their own by the Lewis powers. Also, access to them is difficult and make take years to actually reach the systems.

  • Eistis System
  • Doldortu System
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