"This planet is the core center of the Union for scientific research. The beacon of science of the nation, it has produce several discoveries that have changed our lives for ever. This marble world has achieve a degree of progress never seen in the Union. A planet of resilient and hardworking people." - High Priest Theresa Martin

Minerva is a Terran World, belonging to the Human nation, known as The Union. It is located in ta Binary system orbiting Kodas, in the Kodas System, in the Jasper Galaxy. The other sun is Medas, and Minerva does not orbit neither Medas nor is part of the Medas system.

It is the main administrative core center of the Union within this Galaxy and is one or maybe, the main scientific and research center of the Union. It holds a massive amount of scientist, engineers, inventors and researchers. It also has a very profitable agricultural sector, be surnamed the Granary of the Jasper Galaxy, among Union citizens. It is the most populated world of this nation on the Jasper Galaxy.

It is centered on political and scientific value, and thus, Minerva, as the ancient goddess of Wisdom, was a perfect name for the planet.

During the War of the Ancients, the planet was a key research center for the Military, with some new weapons that proved pretty effective for defense against their enemies. That made the planet a main target for the attackers. The Planet was on the blink of being annihilated but the enemy forces were massively defeated and forced to retreat, expelling them definitely from the Jasper Galaxy. The Arias moon, suffered greatly and had to be reconstructed afterwards. Before the War Arias was a cold moon and became a warm Selena.

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