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The Minotaur Nebula, called by the Aldorians as Aur Aldas (Numerically designated Ho IX) is a small irregular cloud located into the Rodaun in Herschel Space. It is the birthplace of the Aldorian species, who greatly expanded into this nebula and into Rodaun.

However, humans from the Lewis Galaxy soon settled here and nowadays they share it with the Aldorians. The Aldorians in turn have also settled in the Lewis Galaxy.


Its irregular and hard-to-navigate structure gave the Galaxy it's name, since it reminded colonists of the mythical Maze of the Minotaur. The first time the Galaxy was actually explored, it was done by scientist of the Empire of Mankind, centuries before the Humans finally settled there. They found some sort of Civilization activity of unknown origin. It became clear it was the Aldorians when they made contact with the Humans once they first arrived into the Lewis Galaxy.

The Aldoran species evolved in the Planet Birnis and soon expanded all across the Galaxy forming several nations in it and reaching a high degree of civilization. They also had distantly explored the Lewis Galaxy and noted some sort of activity, but didn't contact humans until the first Aldorian colonies were established there.

By the 50 000's CE, the First Human effective colonization in the Minotaur Nebula began, with the several human nations of the Lewis Galaxy expanding in it right after contact with the Aldorians, when in turn they also started expanding into the Lewis Galaxy



Map of Rodaun:

Minotaur Galaxy Territorial Division-1.png


The Aldorians are the main species of this Galaxy, were they originated. They are also the most common.


The Ugira are a species native to this Galaxy that reached nuclear technology and early space colonization status, who fought a war against the Aldorians and lost, being all of its population enslaved specially by the Aldorian High Kingdom. The encounter happened on mid colonization stages of the Galaxy by the Aldorian, and was the first alien species they encountered. Misunderstandings led to a fierce and quick war, that lead the Aldorians to believe the Ugira were a massive threat and should serve as slaves. Upon winning, rage and xenophobia against them prevail, and slavery was the final fate of the Ugira and their 5 only worlds were in turn colonized by the Aldorians and now are core worlds of this species. This case is very similar to that of the Koor.

Most of them are bred by the Aldorian authorities as a workforce, and their home planet Ligi, was conquered and settled by the Aldorians and renamed Ligiris, in Aldorian tongue. The Aldorians are the majority in all former Ugira worlds, and most have forgotten their past history and even which of their former worlds were theirs, apart from Ligiris (all known this is their home planet). They have been trained to worship their masters and its culture is now completely Aldorianized. Most of this slaves have since remained in the Minotaur Nebula and some have been taken to other Galaxies and some escaped few now live in other nations, mostly in the Aldorian Confederacy and The United Alliance. Still up to 98% of them live in slavery with 37% living in the Aldorian High Kingdom, 24% in the Aldorian Military Junta, 16% in the Aldorian Shabada, 14% in the Aldorian Assembly of Clans of Clans, 5% in the Aldorian Hegemony and 2% in the Aldorian Dominium. The remaining 2 percent lives in Freedom in the following way: 1,2% lives in the Aldorian Confederacy, 0,7% live in the United Alliances and the other 0.1% is splitted between many other nations of the Universe, in total freedom.


The Krizik Stratocracy and the Krizik Regime have manage to settled some colonies on the arid live full planets unwanted for settlement by the Aldorians in this Galaxy. They act as embassy worlds for the Aldorians nations and also as Krizik points of supply on their journey through this Galaxy or through several Galaxies.

Humans arrived in the Galaxy around 50 000's CE in massive numbers. Between 45 000 and 50 000 CE, exploration of the Galaxy was deep and exhaustive, sending many exploration missions and gathering knowledge of the Galaxy thanks to contact with the Aldorians in their home galaxy. The Lewis Federation and the Empire of Mankind, and later on the United Alliance, played a significant role in the colonization of the Minotaur Nebula.