Miraban is a transitional-class Wolf-Rayet star in the Crown Cluster. It is one of 3 transitional-class WRs in the Crown Cluster, but is the only non-binary one. Miraban is also known as SR 274.


Miraban is a very hot star, clocking in excess of 68,000 degrees Kelvin, which makes it one of the hotter stars in the Crown Cluster. As a result, it is more than 230,000 times as luminous as Sol, although in visual wavelengths it is around 5000 times Sol's brightness. Miraban evolved from a 44 solar mass star, and was born 6 million years ago. If it were more massive, it would already be in the WC phase and would be hotter.


Miraban wasn't always the tiny, blue, torrid star that it is. It first existed as a dense, cold blob of gas, slowly condensing due to gravity, as were many of the stars in the Crown Cluster. When it began its life, it was a 44 solar mass O-type main sequence star. It stayed this way for most of its life. A million years ago, or six million years into its lifetime, Miraban expanded into a yellow hypergiant star. As it expanded, it pushed out the remaining protoplanetary disk, or absorbed it.

A few thousand years later, Miraban collapsed into a Luminous Blue Variable, a rare form of blue supergiant/hypergiant that can shrink or expand by a factor of four in the span of decades, and can sometimes erupt, losing a shitton of mass in the process (Usually on the order of 5 solar masses per eruption), and creating a nebula in the process.

Originally it was of the WN spectrum, very slowly shrinking and heating up over the hundreds of thousands of years Miraban has been on this stage. Due to Wolf-Rayet stars having immensely powerful solar winds, Miraban lost nearly 35 solar masses from the start of its Wolf-Rayet time to now.

Predicted Future

Miraban only has around 450,000 years left to live. It is set for slowly becoming a hydrogen-free WC star, and slowly shrinking and heating up into a WO star, less than the size of Sol, but more than 150,000 Kelvins in temperature. Soon, with just 7 solar masses left, Miraban will explode in a enigmatic, mysterious and spectacular gamma-ray burst. A black hole will be the only trace of its existence, as the remnant of the brilliant death of a very-high-mass star.

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