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Miraban is a luminous slash star located near the edge of the Florathel Galaxy, near Thomsen's Star. The star is in a relatively stable evolutionary midpoint between O supergiant and H-rich WR star, although it is technically a quiescent Luminous Blue Variable. Owing to Miraban's great luminosity, it is surrounded by a Dyson Sphere and Nicoll-Dyson beam, the only one in its vicinity, and was used to rebuff Union forces during the Battle of Thomsen's Star. Since then, Miraban has been crucial for the Union of Narenna to keep territory around the star, although the future of this star and its surroundings is uncertain.

Properties and evolution

Miraban is what is known as a slash star, a star whose spectrum shares features found in Wolf-Rayet stars (specifically, WNL stars), and regular evolved O-type stars. The emission lines in its spectrum are quite weak, indicative of a low temperature, and led early astronomers studying the galaxy and its stellar population into misclassifying it as a Be star. Miraban is a relatively average Ofpe/WN9, at least in properties, but it is more than just another massive star.

Miraban has a current mass of about 43 solar masses, and evolutionary models predict an original mass of nearly 88 solar masses, therefore, the star has lost about half of its initial mass by now, some of which is located in a faint bubble nebula surrounding the star, which glows a faint violet colour. The star started as a massive early-O star (likely O3) which quickly lost quite a bit of its hydrogen and became a super-O "WN" star, before transitioning to the LBV stage, where it technically is right now.

However, the irregular outbursts and giant minimums and maximums, the big shifts in physical parameters, as well as the occasional super outburst are absent in the star, as it has died down and the star is relatively stable. It will soon turn into a true WNh star, lose all of its hydrogen, then helium, and then explode in a supernova.


Miraban is located at the centre of a particularly resource-rich area in the Florathel Galaxy. Therefore, due to its very high luminosity, the Union of Narenna decided to claim the star in order to have control of the surrounding area for exploitation, following certain expeditions involving uncrewed satellites. A Dyson sphere was slowly constructed around the star, which was also partially stabilised. Following that, a Nicoll-Dyson beam was erected on the Dyson sphere, for protective measures.

Miraban also seems to be (currently) the largest member of a faint and sparse OB association (with around 150 members, as of right now), whose existence seems to have enriched the surrounding area with resources. Thomsen's Star also seems to be a part of the OB association, albeit on its edge. Studies have determined that this cluster must have been around for at least 25 million years (and it should continue existing for another 20 million), judging by the large amount of massive stellar remnants littered around the area, as well as a large concentration of metals only produced in supernova explosions. But as a result, life is relatively sparse in the area because of the frequent supernovae in the area.