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The Miraban Association is a sparse OB association on the edge of Florathel, which in recent times has become an important area relating to the Forever War. It is named after Miraban, currently its brightest and most massive member. This association has been the scene for many important events in the war, such as the Battle of Thomsen's Star, the Sterilisation of Chrujin, among others.

Major bodies and areas

The Miraban Association is quite a complex area, with many nebulae, star clusters, and massive stars. Due to the major conflicts in the area, there are quite a few strange objects in the area, such as Joru-Kenas, which is the result of an event not unlike Kormin's Golden Star.


There are quite a few massive stars in the area, and the concentration of massive stars in this area is slightly greater than the surrounding areas. Both the Union of Narenna and Kormin Empire exert control over several high-mass stars in the area.

Notable stars in the Miraban Association
Name Type Spectral Type Initial Mass Location Affiliation
Miraban Slash star Ofpe/WN9 87.6 M⊙ Centre (by definition) Union of Narenna
Thomsen's Star Yellow hypergiant F2 Ia0 35.8 M⊙ Edge, near the Crown Cluster Union of Narenna
Gevirin Blue supergiant B2Ib: 26.1 M⊙ In the Gevirin Complex Kormin Empire
Eingar Blue main sequence star O9Ve:p 15.4 M⊙ Near the Chrujin Nebula Kormin Empire
Saliran Intermediate-mass black hole X 153.4 M⊙ Near the Chrujin Nebula Union of Narenna
Joru-Kenas ? Of?:p 20 M⊙ (est.) Near the Gevirin Complex N/A
Risial Red dwarf M1V 0.46 M⊙ Near the Gevirin Complex Kormin Empire
Kommador White dwarf DZ12 0.57 M⊙ Near the Gevirin Complex Union of Narenna


There are several distinct areas in the association.

Areas in the Miraban Association
Name Type Description Affilation
Chrujin Nebula Starforming nebula, H II region Chrujin is a dim H II region located on the outskirts of the association. Originally, it was occupied by the Union of Narenna, but as the Forever War progressed, the Kormin Empire decided to enter the association, and its first decision was to invade this nebula, in an event known as the Sterilisation of Chrujin, in 97147 CE. Kormin Empire
Miraban Graveyard Star cloud This star cloud is the result of centuries of war between the Union of Narenna and Kormin Empire. It is littered with rogue superweapons, small black holes and star systems with deserted and destroyed planets. N/A
Gevirin Complex Emission/Reflection nebula, H II region The Gevirin complex is a complex of nebulae surrounds the blue supergiant Gevirin, currently under control of the Kormin Empire. Kormin Empire