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Mirana is a unique terrestrial planet in the Viana Cluster, famous for its vast crystal cave systems.


It is the ninth planet orbiting a blue supergiant star in the Viana Cluster. The planet has no moons and takes a long 481 years to make a single orbit around its sun.

Mirana was discovered in 4140 by an exploration vessel and looked promising despite its orbit around a large O-type star. A surface expedition went there later that year and found a true sight to behold. A large cavern of slightly luminous crystals was found within a nearby cave.

After pictures of the cavern were sent back, plans for a colony were immediately made.

Soon in 4157, after the planet was warmed up and given a breathable atmosphere, small village-esque settlements were built in the caves.

The glowing crystals are the first of their kind to be discovered and were named Luminarites. Other minerals found in these caves include Diamond, Calcite and Quartz.


Mirana has population of 2.4 billion people, the most populated being the city of Crystalia.


There are a number of popular destinations on Mirana such as:

Crystalia: A city made entirely out of crystal, mainly Calcite and Quartz. Buildings in Crystalia are usually pointy and tend to have a faceted appearance and is thus considered to be very unique. 30.5 million people live in Crystalia and paying to visit usually costs 150 C-units. Crystalia took around 50 years to build, beginning construction in 4164 and finishing in 4214.

Gemmae Oppidum: Meaning "Gem town" in latin, Gemmae Oppium is a small village built in a cave of glowing Luminarite crystals. Gemma Oppidum resembles something from a fantasy because of its location. Plants there are grown in greenhouses with imported soil from other Human colonies since Mirana's soil can't naturally support plant life. Houses in Gemma Oppidum are built to resemble wooden cabin-like houses on to make the village feel cosier for the residents.

Quartztown: Also known as Quartzville or Little Quartztown, is a small town built in a quartz crystal cave. Each of its buildings are made from Quartz, similar to Crystalia. The town has a population of around 500 people. Quartztown restricts the number of people who can visit as to control the population percentage.

A cave of gigantic Luminarite crystals. Their glowing is believed to be cause by some kind of chemical reaction although this is yet to be confirmed.


There has been a lot of concern surrounding Mirana's future because the planet orbits a large O-type star which are known for only lasting 10 million years or so until going supernova. Scientists have discussed about possibly moving the planet to a safer star system in the future in order to prevent it from being destroyed when its star ever goes supernova.