100th Millennium Wiki

"One of the Thirteen Founding Worlds of the Intergalactic Federation, Mirdan is the second oldest world in the Nation. Issued from Force Expulsion, its people are hospitable, kind, helpful and peaceful and have accommodate others since millennia. This diverse world comes from many backgrounds and has a particular culture and a personality of its own. It is the most vibrant and modern of the Ancient Two, with fashion, design and textile production at its core. This beautiful world is a wonder to behold, a proud important symbol of the country and a fierce resistant of democracy and liberty in this Universe." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Mirdan is a terran world in the Iodan System, which is located in the Akai Nebulae. It is one of the Thirteen founding colonies of The Intergalactic Federation, to which it belongs to.

It is the second oldest planet of the I.F, and one of the most important, with an important symbolism in all I.F citizens. It is known as one of the "Ancient Two", alongside Nova, since this two planets were setlted first and long time before the other founding planets. They also were Republics on its own, united by a defensive and commercial pact. The planet was settled in 35,240 CE by Unionist expelled citizens and later on by a flow of refugees from the war btween the Empire and the Union, that started to settled in the Planet in vast numbers. The amount of refugees was so large that Mirdan, just as Nova, could no longer accommodate them all. Some measures were taken, and refugees started to settled nearby habitable planets of the Akai Nebulae. Later on, Mirdan alongside Nova signed the cooperation agreement, the ancestor of the Federation.

Its the main design and textile production hub of the Federation, with some important civil key industries located here. The planet has also important relevance in energy production, chemical production, mining, agriculture, farming and fishing, as well as a entertainment and tourism.

Previous to colonization, some Novan settlers had established small operating bases on the Planet. But Mirdan was settled mostly by expelled Unionist citizens coming all the way from the Union, that refuse to accept the law implementation that forced all citizens to have the Gift (as the Union's parasite is known) implanted in them. Some thought the implantation should not be by force but at will, so they were pretty indirectly, forcibly expelled from the nation in order to not get it implanted. Most didn't professed the Unionist religion, others did but but were religious dissidents that either implanted the Gift to those that wanted or just to a small few, usually priests and others, creating separate sprouts or variants of the Unionist Religion.

That's why some Mirdans are still practicants of the Unionist religion but in a different way to the most commonly practice in the Union. Some religious differences still arouse from time to time with the Unionist settlers that came as refugees during the war between the Empire and the Union. This has made Mirdan a very diverse place.

Mirdan was once a Republic of its own, and for over a Millenia it govern itself in accordance with Nova, with whom they had several agreements, since both nations were alone in the Akai Nebulae. Joined effors were made to map and study different habitable planets. Later on, this were given to the refugees, and after settling themselves many refugees in their own world, their own culture was also absorbed into the Federation, and finally end up submitting it to it.

Most of the Settlers came from expelled inhabitants of Tarsus, its system and adjacent colonies. This has shaped somehow the culture of the Planet.