Mirus is the sixth planet orbiting Aya and is the third largest planet in the system after Damastus and Inos.


Mirus is fairly small for an ice giant, only being 10 earth masses in size. It is orbited by 12 moons, 4 being large enough to be spherical, the rest being mere asteroids.

The planet is famous for its unique colouration and stripy appearance when viewed from space, many considering it be extremely beautiful.

The Shevins have established multiple floating domed cities in its atmosphere, slowly drifting across the skies. These cities are disk shaped and contain all sorts such as hotels, shops, restaurants, houses etc. They are a major tourist attraction throughout the system, gaining thousands of visitors each month which has risen due to the Shevins' contact with Humans and Xa'Thins.

Flying bus-like vehicles travel regularly between cities and because of Mirus' standard gravity, they are able to fly easily without any problems.

Name Description Photo
Ouna The closest moon major moon to Mirus and largest of the four. Ouna is an S-class world possessing a thin atmosphere of Krypton and Xenon as well as being very much like Luna in terms of environment with its vast barren plains and mountain ranges. It houses several domed Shevin colonies, having a population of 1.3 billion. Ouna has a 26 hour long ay and takes the same amount of time to orbit around Mirus.

First close up of Ouna, taken by the Pathram-3 probe.

Quinus A cold ice world and second major moon of Mirus. Quinus has no atmosphere and is extremely cold, reaching -103.47 C. Many impact craters are scattered across the icy surface, left over from ancient bombardments. Geysers are also present on Quinus which are caused by hydrothermic events erupting in a subsurface ocean. This ocean was explored in 3096 but sadly no life was ever found. As of yet, no surface colonies have been built since Quinus seems rather unappealing to most.
Onar A small ice world and third major moon from Mirus. Like Quinus, Onar lacks an atmosphere and is of no interest to the Shev'ra . Onar takes 5 days to make a full orbit around Mirus and can faintly be seen from the sky cities although it is indistinguishable from the rest of the stars in the sky. Despite being considered uninteresting to most, extremely small formations resembling fossilized microorganisms were found there by a lander in 3082. This caught the attention of many Shevin scientists however it was hard to tell what they truly were as no DNA sample was found nor was there any evidence of them being living organisms at some point. After years of research, research on them came to a close and Onar was left alone. Onar is pretty much a dead world, no air, no subglacial sea, no signs of life and a completely barren icy surface with a few large salt deposits.

First picture of Onar, taken by the Pathram-3 probe.

Vostin A very small world an furthest major moon of Mirus. Like Onar, Vostin is of no value to the Shev'ra because of it small size and lack of resources. Vostin isn't even fully spherical because of its size, with its surface being plagued by high ranges, jagged rocks and some large craters here and there. The only proper mission to Vostin was a lander that touched own in its biggest crater. Vostin has mostly been ignored by the Shevins as no stable colony could be built there due to its uneven surface and extremely low gravity. There is a rumour however, about a secret underground isolationist society on Vostin although very few believe it.

First picture of Vostin, taken by the Pathram-3 probe, showing large craters surrounded by rugged mountains.

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