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"Mitra, one of the three capitals of the Empire, and the Seat of justice and fair treatment for all inhabitants in the Nation. The planet is not only the place Justice calls home, but for our citizens, is the land of creative souls and beauty. The place were Imperial Stars are born, self-made Entertainment legends in their own right." - Senator Maes Prim

Mitra is a terrestrial world, located in the Nora System of the Lewis Galaxy. It is one of the three capitals of the Empire of Mankind. It serves as the judicial capital, where the Imperial Supreme Court sits. It is one of the Empire's core worlds and among the most populated.

The planet is known for iconic fashion, architecture, music industry, foodstuffs, and stylish designs. Besides, Mitra is most noted for its entertainment industries and communication corporations. It is also the seat of major imperial service companies, including fashion. Most of the Empire's style is associated with the planet. Thus, Mitra is not only considered a fancy stylish world in the Empire, but is also quite expensive to live in (in certain areas). It holds the seats of the Great Judges of the Empire and it's the center of justice all across the Empire. Many then, work as administratives for the complex judiciary system.


The planet has two planetary rings. The inner rings are thin and less visible from Space but usually can be seen from the planet surface, specially from the equator area. The Outer Rings are visible from Space but can only be seeing at night, with clear blue skies from anywhere in the surface of the planet.

The planet has two moons, as well, Mevara and Illuin. Illuin is the biggest and is bluish, while Mevara is brownish and smaller. The climate in Mitra is generally warmer and humid, but changes throughout the planet. The planet has no big ice caps.

This world has five continents, named Miranda, Adan, Etruria, Harshan and Monroe.

  • Miranda:

It is the most populated of the continents and holds the city of Atlantia, where the Supreme Court is located. Is the largest city and is known for being well planned and having a high standard of living. The climate in this continent is temperate, although a bit more humid and hot than normal. Its oceanic climate is common throughout the coastline. It has a total population of 22 Billion.

  • Etruria:

It is very populated as well, and holds the city of Tission, where most of the entertainment industries have their seats. The continent has a humid and hot climate, similar to the tropics, and temperature is less of a problem. It has a population over 16 Billion inhabitants.

  • Adan:

It is an archipelago, in which most of the wealthy in Mitra and all over the empire retired for some peaceful holidays. The islands are also use for recording or filming most of the entertainment scenarios. The continent is a center of tourism for many across the empire. However, the biggest islands in this archipelago are densely populated with big cities that hold service corporations and some other related industries. Its total population is around 14 Billion.

  • Harshan:

This continent means "happiness" in ancient Sanscrit language. It is the largest of all the continents in the planet and extends from North to South. The northern and southern extremes are cold, while the center of it hold large and huge jungles. The areas in between are the only ones with large populations but generally the continent has the lowest density. Sindalon is the largest city. Harshan is known for its agricultural production. Its population is around 18 Billion.

  • Monroe:

It is the coldest and least populated of all the continents. Usually, most of the inhabitants live in the coast while most of the inland remains unpopulated due to its harsh conditions. Kalmikia is the largest city and has a very large population with a very high standard of living. Most of its inhabitants are known for their hard work and cold personalities, even to the point of being called boring by the rest of Mitrans, but nevertheless are consider honest and very trustful. That's why some of the main and most important companies are located here. Most of the industries, electric or chemical factors in the planet are set inland. It has a total population of around 10 Billion.


The location of Mitra in the Lewis Galaxy

The planet was colonized with settlers from Elpida, in early 20 464 CE, in six ships carrying up to 350 000 settlers each. The total population being 2.1 million at the time. More settlers would move to the planet eventually in different waves across the following centuries and millennia. The colonization process was carried out by several leaders, one of whom were the ancestors of the current House Hangul. The colonists prospered on the planet and adapted quite well to live on it.

The Nobility War hit hard on the planet, although the Hangul were loyal to the Emperors, minor houses and social turmoil cause important regional devastation, but some areas were left out of and remain untouched.

The Slave Revolt hit hard, and was mostly strong in the rural areas, where slaves had a major impact. As a result of this, some cloning facilities and slave industries left the planet forever. A enslaved guerrilla group took hold in Miranda and Harshan but after the revolts cool down, most of them were finally crushed or had surrendered. Some (quite few) managed to escape to Isso and Tarsus and were among the first Unionist founders.

During the War of the Two Emperors, the Planet was hardly bombarded, and finally had to surrender to the Roldar forces. Nevertheless, the Emperor retook the planet a few years later, approaching Thetis.

The Imperial-Unionist War was almost uneased in the Planet, as it was very secured and was never attacked by Unionist troops.

The Relative Wars saw no impact on the Planet, except for the First Relative's War. In which, Hannakon tried to take the planet unsuccessfully, as it was a stronghold of Empress Akaris. A lengthy guerrilla conflict arose in many areas, which finally drove Hannakon away from the Etruria, the only continent he was able to take under his control.