100th Millennium Wiki

"A world we dont speak of.. since the pain is intense in every imperial citizens. They got revenge, the Alliance got what they deserved, but at what cost. Our souls and minds remain with the ones lost in the tragedy. A once working prosperous world, one of the main seats of the Dalvan Family, with billions living in it, was suddenly wiped out and its wonders destroyed. Deep sorrow takes every single one of the Monkan refugees who fled the tragedy in time, as well as to those who still live here. As a reminder that they arent alone, great government efforts have been made to retake Monka from its current devastation." - Senator Maes Prim

Monka is a Planet on the Pals System, located in the Pyramus Region. The Planet is famously known for being one of the most destructed worlds in the Empire of Mankind. A world previously affluent was completely reduce to ash and radiation. Most of the population was killed, with just a quarter of the planet's population surviving, being most of them people who were abroad or refugees who scaped in time. The current population is very low, with just a hundred million people. In order to recreate Monka, a new world was terraformed in image of Monka, with fauna and flora rescued from the Planet as well as Monkan refugees. The name of the Planet is Utadan.

It used to have as much as 50 billion inhabitants, and being one of the main centers of the Dalvan Familiy and one of the most important worlds in the Pyramus Galaxy.

Before the attack during the Imperial-Unionist War, Monka was a world of farmland, financial assets, a trading hub and a manufacturer of Chemical products. A large base was set in the Planet and the system by it came all too late when the Alliance appeared suddenly.

A large massive attack was launch and soon, armies scattered all over the Galaxy were surmouned to the system to repell the invasion. Just a few arrived in time, the Alliance fought the forces of the system in the Battle of Monka, destroying its defenses and having full access to it. In the process, they killed and displaced most of the inhabitants of the system. But soon, they focused on its main planet After most of the system worlds had been either taken or bombarded, they soon followed on with Monka.

Heavy bombardement was launch in Monka, and soon after, an invasion by the Alliance followed, killing civilians and any military foce they could possibly find. The army forces were defeated and many civilians were either killed by the invaders or taken by the Alliance, although most of the planet had already been devastated and destroyed during the orbital bombardement, turning Monka on a sudden nuclear winter state some Monkans managed to survive by hiding or moving to very remote areas. They could either hide themselves from the invaders or were protected by the militia in bunkers and other facilities. Monkans knew reinforcement were on its way but sadly not in time, as 80% of native life had been destroyed and up to three quarters of the Human population killed.

When the Imperial fleets arrived into the system, the Alliance had already left, leaving the wounded and others behind. This fleets, injured seekers and other ships and weapons were taken to be analysed by Imperial scientists and experts in order to prepare a weapon against the enemy and get to know them better.


Before the attack, the planet had been settled by people from the nearby Thisbe Galaxy as well as people from neaby planets. The population grew during the following millenia and Monka became a trading and exporting hub. The Dalvans made it one of its operating centers and its importance grew even more.

During the Seeker's attack, up to 20 billion people out of 50 billion managed to scape the assault on the Pals system, before they reached Monka. Some few ships trying to flee with millions were destroyed by the Alliance as well. Once the Alliance bombarded Monka, most of its life was destroyed, more than 28 billion people died. The 2 billion that managed to survive were left on a state of total devastation and poverty. Most lived in very rural or scattered areas or managed to hide in government habilitated facilities. Still, the second fase of the attack happened. Seeker troops descended on Monka and fought every single human they could find, killing them for the most part. During this assault up to 1 billion of the survivors were killed. 800 million people died of injuries, famine or deshidratation following the bombardment and attack. Just up to 100 to 200 million survived when the Alliance left the Planet after Imperial Troops finally reached and reinforce the system attacking the Alliance, being forced to flee.

After, around 150 million of the surviving population was relocated to assure its survival. 50 million people where reluctant to go and stayed, helping the government to rebuild and clean the war destructed planet. Still, everything had to be imported from abroad, since the Planet was on a nuclear winter and some areas were uninhabitable. The remaining population was confined to the last habitable places in the planet.

After a couple millennia, the population had increased, but in a slow pace. This was due to two factors: One, when some refugees or relocated people, migrated back to Monka afterwards, and two when some also emigrated (although this was a slow process). The local fertility rates also increased.

After 300 years, the Utadan terraforming process had been completed, and Monkan population who had reached 230 million, was cut in half when 180 million people of Monka decided to relocate to Utadan (leaving just 50 million people in Monka). The new world of Utadan was a mirror of pre-devasted Monka, with the exact ecosystems, fauna and flora perfectly reconstructed. By the 100th millenium, 1000 years after the attack, the total population was slighlty above 100 million people.