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Montia is a vast island located near Haven's north pole, near the Loreiel continent. It is subjected to subzero temperatures as a result of its location, which can reach minus ten degrees Celsius at times. The low temperatures have rendered Montia uninhabitable for the majority of the population, though four modest nations have sprouted among its endless woodlands. Montia's colonization is relatively recent, as none of its civilizations are older than a century. Nontheless, this does not stop the countries' chance to rise all across Haven, as many of them have alliances with larger ones who possess influence all across the planet.

Montia serves as the home of several races of Haven, most notably the Avenit and Yurruthious, the former live in deep taigas and the latter reside on the icewind mountains of Montia. Nevertheless, these two races are fairly primitive, forming only simple tribal alliances with the only survival as their goal. The main races which inhabit Montia would be the Edian races of Mythra, Slyvians and Giakos, though several others have been noted to forge tiny city-states all across Montia.

Despite it's extremely short history of settlement, Montia's face has seen many conflicts waged in it's woodlands. Tens of thousands have died and villages, even entire cities have been plundered,

-war of poisoned minds








The Iron Siege

War Of Poisoned Minds