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Moonmoon is a testament to Human history. Born on Aegyn since before interstellar travel became common or even possible for Aegynian societies, possibly even predating Aegyn's first space travel itself, he has witnessed more of history than any human alive today could hope for. Born in an ancient society in the year 41101 BCE, he has seen the vast majority of human civilization throughout the universe. He currently stands as the first and only Empire Priest of the Theocracy of Silverstar and is ranked among the most powerful known users of Thaumaturgy. Moonmoon, unsurprisingly, is well-known throughout the major nations as a high-ranking magi and a powerful political figure. He notably subjected the entire dwarf galaxy of Azurullya to his reign in just over 10,000 years. He runs his nation as a theocracy and makes all of his political goals open to the public. Even before the official beginning of his nation, he was exceedingly popular as a unique person. His constant position as the head of the Cult of Silverstar draws followers to him. Historians are attracted to his role throughout ancient history and as a source of knowledge about obscure events. Studies of thaumaturgy have turned to him in the past as an example or a test subject. His transparency and relative informality tend to make him feel more like a friend to everyone throughout the ages.



Moonmoon is rather tall and muscular, but well his physique is well within the standard for baseline humans. However, he has some deviations from baseline humans in other aspects of his appearance. His hair is a deep blue. His eyes have multicolored sclera and seemingly "torn" pupils. It is unknown if any of this is natural, but if it is not, the features are at least very convincing. He has a tattoo around his left eye with some sort of ancient iconography, as well as another on his right shoulder of two nested crescent moons. For some reason, Moonmoon has augmented his body with cat ears and, more recently, a tail. He has recently explained that he did this through use of nanites, but refuses to elaborate on why.


Moonmoon has a rather large and expressive personality. No matter the occasion, he maintains relative informality compared to what would normally be expected of a nation leader. He appears to come off as brash and energetic in every situation, but there is wisdom hidden in his actions.

In political announcements or events, he maintains his enthusiastic aura as he sends his voice across his galaxy or when discussing with other nation heads. While he doesn't tend to use formal or scientific language, his word choice in his speeches is deliberate and calculated. He's written in some of his books that he enjoys learning the shifting connotations of every word he uses to craft manners of speech to evoke the exact emotions he wants from people.

He tends to consider himself bad at commitment, though compared to the average human lifespan, one would not pick up that impression. He often entertains projects for years or decades on end and commits to relationships that last for his partner's entire lifespan.


Moonmoon is the first recorded Aegyn-born human to have developed thaumaturgic ability. Over 140 millennia ago, Moonmoon stood as the only being on Aegyn with access to what must have felt like pure, raw magic. His power may not have started as much, due to him being the progenitor of human thaumaturgy, but he has had many, many years to hone and strengthen his abilities. Now, he stands as one of the titans of the Magi, ranking nearly equally to beings that have lived for billions of years. His prowess in thaumaturgy tends to come more from his applications of the sects in tandem than raw power, though he has built up tremendous power as well.


In his long life, Moonmoon has become one of the most well-known figures in human history.