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The Moons of Kolth are a set of Moons, orbiting a gas giant known as Kolth from which this local system takes its name. They orbit a giant blue star known as Tison, in the Tison System, where Kolth and its moons are located. They belong to the Empire of Mankind and It is one of the most populous systems within the Alba region in the Iskadi Galaxy.

They are famously known for their rich source of minerals and resources. They have been mined since humans arrived in the Galaxy in 58 310 CE.

The most populated world is by far Atherak, the homeworld of most of the population. It is one of the bases of the House Etchalon, to control their territory over the Alba Galaxy, which is entirely under their command.

The Moons of Koth are 6:

  • Amarna: It's a warm planet, and the based for most of the mining and refinery production. It is also the main based for the military and the shipping construction and repairing industry. It's also the second most populated moon in the system with about 3 Billion inhabitants.
  • Koine: Its a terraformed moon, mostly used for its high mineral value. It has some agricultural value. Its the center for some minerals extraction, such as cobalt and copper. It has a total population of 2.3 Billion
  • Idiron: It's a quite comfortable planet, with average high temperatures, and always covered by thick clouds. Some large vegetation covers several areas of this world alongside large lagoons. It is mostly based on Gas refinery and mineral refinery. Some chemical products are also largely produced here. It has 8 Billion inhabitants
  • Mesopotamia: Is a terraformed moon. It holds large cold deserts, and is mostly used for large scale mining and resource extraction. It has a total population of 4 Billion
  • Atherak: Has a total population of 66 Billion, it is the capital of the system and one of the most populated worlds of the Empire in the Alba Region, within the Isaki Galaxy. It is very sophisticated and very comfortable. Most trade and administrative tasks are managed through here.
  • Gorgoroth: The Dark world, is a cold moon, with a covered atmosphere. Large icecaps cover the planet, although some areas are habitable. Most of the production is based on minery and drinkable water production, as well as energy. It is one of the richest moon in terms of minerals. It holds a total population of 2.1 Billion

Kolth has several orbit stations around extracting Gas and collecting electrical energy. Some other orbital stations have scientific purposes. The total population is 0,4 Billion

The Other satellites of Kolth, asteroids and dwarf moons (48 in total) have as well their own settlements and mining processes, most of which have their origins as colonies of one of the six moons. The total population is 0,2 Billion.


The Moons were among the first areas in the Alba Galaxy to be colonized by the Empire of Mankind and humanity. Atherak was discovered as a potential and ideal world for colonization. When several missions landed and its position near trade routes within the Galaxy was confirmed, a colony mission was sent to the planet in 58 310 CE. Atherak was successfully settled.

After the colony became somehow substantially important, the potential of its neighbors was acknowledge and during the next 4 centuries, several colonization missions where sent from Atherak to colonized the moons of the system. Terraformation was also carried out. The incredible amount of wealth, job opportunities and liberty that could be obtained in this moons attracted many settlers from other areas of the Empire, from other Lewis Nations or even from the Boreal Federacy, the GM and other human nations to immigrate to this moons.

Little by little the moons of Kolth became among the main extraction points of the Galaxy and one of the headquarters of the Etchalons. In 61 442 CE a Wormhole was built nearby to connect it with Haldar and the Lewis Galaxy. This made Haldar be approachable and could take in the minerals of this worlds for their military production.

They became one of the main targets of the Quintet Payotari Association during the assault to imperial territory. The Battle of Kolth was the most important battle of the War of the Ancients in the Empire of Mankind, which saw a decisive defeat for the attackers and the final expulsion from this threat out of Imperial territory. Some Alliance soldiers eventually lived in the area for leisure and retirement, while others were taken in for investigation.