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The Morid is a small elliptical galaxy and the most distant satellite of Florathel, excluding the ones in the Degelio subgroup. Its most interesting physical feature is an utter lack of stars that are younger than 2.4 billion years, caused by an event known as the Morid Flash, which also wiped out all life in the galaxy and precluded the formation of new planets. This resulted in an utterly lifeless galaxy in the modern day. Due to its distance and lack of intelligent species, Morid remains unclaimed by any nation.

Galactic Neighborhood

The Galaxy of Death is closest to the Ejeunor, ironically one of the innermost satellites of Morid's parent galaxy, Florathel. However, it is still nearly three million light-years away from Florathel. Morid therefore stands alone in its region of space, and is hypothesized to be speeding towards the Myrmidan where it will be ejected from the gravitational pull of the universe itself. In the far future, the galaxy will be utterly alone, with absolutely nothing reachable or even visible from it.


Morid is has an incredibly monotonous structure. As such, it is divided into only two non-arbitrary regions. The Core is the densest region of the galaxy centered around the black hole Malkathus, and constitutes its visible borders. It contains all major planets within the galaxy. The Halo is the region formed as the galaxy becomes less and less dense, eventually merging with intergalactic space. The Halo contains an assortment of globular clusters, none of which have been given proper names.


Formative Years

Morid is theorized to have formed roughly 5.5 billion years ago alongside its parent galaxy. It was then packed with a large number of highly massive stars, rendering the galaxy uninhabitable until roughly 5 billion years ago. Presumably, the first life in the galaxy started around this time, and no one has any idea what it was like because it died immediately. After this, life formed and stuck around, slowly evolving in complexity and culminating in intelligence ~10 million years ago.

Moridian High Command

Roughly 9 million years ago, a species arose on the planet Dalkor. This species rapidly expanded and took control of all the other worlds and species in the galaxy, forming the Moridian High Command. This nation is only known from archaeological evidence, as its bones were moldering by even the time of the Providence Union, so virtually nothing is known about its governance.

Morid Flash


Aftermath and Modern Day

The Providence Union was preparing for a colonization of Morid at the time of its fall, but it was never launched. Today, there are many archaeologists that have made a permanent home of Morid, and they have created a pseudo-nation to help govern the galaxy and make it a safer place to conduct research on the huge amounts of ruins there.

Major Worlds

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Mid Shell
Mid Shell
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