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When she was younger, Sydiah had a very enthusiastic, almost explosive attitude which conveyed a heavy sense of pride and accomplishment. She deeply cared for her status in Sedrua, and managed to keep her motherly attitude over Sydiah's Architects. Upon times of conflict, Sydiah held a more dramatic inflection, wanting to appear as powerful and beneficial, while staying intimidating. She thought of people outside immediate circles to be none more than assets, believing that she and her children were the only "worthy" beings of the Universe. While this feeling was internal, it was not uncommon for her to show immense favoritism for Sydiah's Architects. She did show some emotion to the people however, as she promised them with times of bliss and fortune in her leadership days. As she progressed through her life, Sydiah grew to be more forceful, as extended use of Thaumaturgy slowly made her less sane. Her authoritarian nature reached a pinnacle just before the Wane of Reality, with her national plans being undivided rule over the Universe. With the Wane of Reality, her plans were prevented. Her personality went in many directions, veering from near-insanity to a calm, collected nature. In but a few short years, Sydiah's personality became muted by the chaos of The Aeterna.

Today, Sydiah is known to hold a very closed and mellow personality. She does not typically partake in conversations, and is rarely seen in the eye of the public at all. When she is, she avoids attention and prefers to stay low, often removing herself from situations very quickly. Most notably, Sydiah has shown a great disdain to Sedrua's older ways, its remaining government, and some of the Chosen of Sydiah. She has great anger and impatience for her old ways, but shows an opposite emotion to most other subjects. In social situations, Sydiah speaks with a soft, low voice. She is also very patient, having a good temper with social topics. However, she does hold a lackluster and nervous nature when it comes to her past or Sedrua. She tends to show this with a heavy feeling of guilt and anxiety, but usually keeps this away from public. Sydiah in this regard appears calm, detached, and apathetic, despite holding strong emotions within. When referring or talking to people, Sydiah typically uses words such as "child", "little one", and the like. These terms are of endearment, and tend to appear rather frequently while she engages in conversation. Unless specifically asked not to, she will casually use them. However, Sydiah speaks formally with those who are powerful in terms of thaumaturgy, politics, wealth, and religion. Sydiah shows respect for these individuals as well, showing a mild form of reverence when speaking to them.


Sydiah is seen adorn with dark colored skin, a gray colored dress, and a crown of orange, crystal-like eidolite. Her hair is a very dark purplish-blue, with its highlights glowing in a sort of light yellow color. Her eyes are a saffron color, one that mimics her crown. Sydiah also has other clothing, though she usually wears loose and comfortable dresses or gowns. Other than her set of clothes, Sydiah does have an assortment of protective gear, which she created on her own. It is made from advanced Sedruan technology, though her base defense makes it rather useless. It is more a set of vanity and prowess, one which she wears in wars or duels. Sydiah's armor is usually heavily plated and ornate, created from nanotechnology. It also has eidolite at more vulnerable areas, protecting her from lighter attacks.

In her past, Sydiah was known to have a wide range of outfits. Typically, she dawned herself in a red version of her robe. It was seen with designs of vanity, which held deep symbolism relating to Sedrua, The Aeterna, and herself. She frequently wore her set of armor as well, in an attempt to flaunt or show intimidation. Her highlights glowed with a reddish-pink which faded into yellow and white, thought to symbolize the Suvaren Galaxy itself. During her highest times of leadership, Sydiah was not seen often, though was seen with a more professional and authoritarian look. Usually, it was in the form of an ornate kind of suit or stylistic dresses. She also showcased a set of personal items, her most important one being the Mirror of the Cosmos. It was and remains as one of Sydiah's oldest devices. The Mirror is a cloudy-looking orb which allows Sydiah to peer across space, utilizing the Eyes of Sedrua. She also has an array of advanced melee weaponry, though they are seldom used outside of ceremonies or harmless duels.


Sydiah is heavily affiliated with thaumaturgy, being born with an affinity to its supernatural abilities. As of the modern day, Sydiah has mastered all three major branches of thaumaturgy, with intricate knowledge in all respective sects. Her experience in The Aeterna also gave her unique abilities, and expanded knowledge in Classical Thaumaturgy. This knowledge has refined her ability in Runic Thaumaturgy, allowing her to have full potential when it comes to creating and channeling energy from runes. Additionally, her experiences with training have given her a high proficiency in Sorcery.

Sydiah has used her abilities countless amounts of times, for applications relating to personal or wide-scale events. Most notably, Sydiah used her powers in conjunction with her intelligence to create Sydiah's Architects, a synthetic race which played a hand in Sedrua's creation. Sydiah's powers also had a part in her initial downfall, as the Wane of Reality caused her to be trapped in The Aeterna. She spent many of her years mastering the art of thaumaturgy, taking what little time she could to focus herself. It was her expertise in thaumaturgy which prevented Sydiah from succumbing to The Aeterna, allowing her to slowly grow over millennia. Eventually, she became virtually immune to the side effects of The Aeterna, an ability shared with but a few individuals in the Universe.







Nomadic Lifestyle


Rise of Sydiah's Architects

Creation of Sedrua

Early Leadership

Dominance of the Suvaren Galaxy

Aylathia's Siege

Extended Leadership

The Wane of Reality

Days in the Lux Aeterna

The Universe is shaking with the combined fear of a great nation. The Eternal has become one with her creator. The cosmos now buckles under the weight of her consequences.


Encountering Divinity


Eons of madness paved way for her return. No one can strike down The Eternal, not even herself.




Modern Day