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Mulhians are long, fat worms that burrow into the crust of Australis Prime.


Mulhians are long, chubby, fat worms that burrow through the silicate crust of Australis Prime. Their diet mainly includes rocks and sand. They're colours vary between grey and beige, depending on where they are living.


The Mulhians had a tribal society, living deep beneath the surface of the planet. They burrowed out deep caverns many kilometres beneath the surface. Then the first Human-Zythn joint mission to the planet uncovered their rudimentary society, and raised them up to be equals. Together, they established a theocratic Monarchy, (the religious part of it coming from the appearance of the Humans and Zythns as gods to the Mulhians) and gradually grew their society and culture, which they had had none of before.


According to their historians, they came into being from the "Great Maker", a God of their race. Unlike other races, the Mulihians uniformly across the entire world believe in one god, named Xulimnzasd Jai, which translates to Great Maker. From accounts by various Mulihians, who said "The world was created when my mother mother died," the Mulihian race is approximately 2 millon years old. Considering that it took Humans to progress from the stone age to an interstellar empire about 110 000 years, this species have been in a very long period of technological stangation. according to them, they came into existence to serve the one "true" Mulihian, a figurehead named Fumlit. Fumlit is held to the highest prestige in their culture, higher than queens, higher than priests. According to legends, Fumlit went into reclusion and eventually disappeared, never to be heard of again. All other Mulihians, from there on out, had the one goal of becoming "the perfect Mulihian", attained by finding Fumlit or her dead body. It is said in ancient texts that, "The one who findeth thou Fumlit, willeth attain her perfect divine power." In Mulihian pre-history, many wars wrecked the subterranean surface of Australis Prime, and many decaying bodies are locked forever in a stony tomb, many miles below the surface. These wars were cuased by various factions vying for the right to search for Fumlit. Any unauthorised Mulihian to search for Fumlit would be terminated, according to their law at the time. However, many did it anyway. Eventually, they unified, and the search for Fumlit was given up by all but the most optomistic.

When first contact was initiated, the Primitive Mulihians thought that the Humans and Zythns were messengers from The Great Maker, and it's servant, Fumlit. They looked like nothing they had ever seen before, especially the Humans.