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The Murban are an Species from Planet Um, in the Kevenam Galaxy. They are an advanced civilization, of a peaceful nature and a bit mysterious to humans. They have strong psionic powers and have lost the ability of language, communicating through their minds. They seem to have been in decay in their space region back in the Kevenam Galaxy and some have fled to other Galaxies where they formed a small cluster of colonized systems in the Lewis Galaxy, the Iskadi Galaxy and the Rodaun Galaxy. However their expansionism is very slow and seems to have been the result of an internal conflict within themselves.

They come from an Oceanic Planet called Um. They live in either deep cities in the Oceanic floor or superficial seas with access to light, such as the equivalent of human coral reefs. The Murban later on also build up floating cities, allowing them to reach space.

The Murban state is a unified nation, born out of several nations that existed previously, that finally merge together after millennia of conflict. The Murban state is now a highly efficient nation, with an elaborate bureaucracy. The main government is made out of a Council or Assembly of the best Scientist and Specialists in other fields of their species, that supervise the excellence and efficiency of the State.

They expanded through the Kevenam Galaxy and nearby Galaxies, such as the Rodaun Galaxy and the Lewis Galaxy but their expansion has been slow and very picky. They looked excusively for oceanic worlds, and do not terraform other planets which has made their progress very small in the other galaxies as well as on it's own home galaxy.


Since they evolved in an oceanic planet, they have a biology adapted to it. Strong bodies, with palm legs and feet, they can swim vast distances. They have an aerodynamic body specially when putting their extremities aline with their bodies.

Their homeworld, Um, was previously full of Islands but the poles melted, during one of the normal massive extinction cycles of nature, making all of the land to be flooded. Many species went extinct but this made the old-murbans evolve and adapted themselves to the Oceanic environment, still having some of their previous state-like appearance preserved, with legs and arms instead of a tale. This harsh survival experience made the Murban a very advance species, intelligent, and psionic, and soon their civilization could start. They also preserved the ability of breeding outside water being able to be outside without problems. They still require some degree of humidity in their skin and can barely survive in dry, very arid or deserted planets.

Psychokinetic powers evolved as a matter of communication and hunter abilities underwater, evolving from a sonar like communication system in the early days of oceanic adaptation to a more sophisticated psionic sonar.


The society is largely matrilineal, with females being traditionally the leaders and high powers, being men mostly relegated, but things improved to equality between sexes. Females still are larger and heavier than males. They reproduce through a tubelike form similar to snakes, and the female bears eggs inside that hatch during pregnancy and later are giving birth alive. They give birth to one to three individuals. Having a maximum of 10 litters. Males are in charge of taking care of the offspring. They even produce a substance they give their offspring during its early days.

Maturity happens at 30 to 35 years old and stops at 180-200 years of age. This late maturity is due to the importance of the brain in the Murban species and its need of development to form psionic capabilities.