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Myrmidan is the second largest satellite of Florathel. The galaxy is relatively desolate compared to its parent galaxy, having only seven contacted nations. Currently, the Somnar Hive controls roughly half of the galaxy in its central portions, having taken over two of the other major nations in the galaxy. The four remaining great powers in Myrmidan are working together to drive back the Hive, causing a unique fluctuating border pattern when viewed across history. The galaxy is also a Seyfert galaxy, and its core is reminiscent of that of a quasar, whose jets are visible from the outside of the galaxy.

Physical Characteristics

Myrmidan is an elliptical galaxy with a diameter of 9,100 ly. It contains 2.9 billion stars, making it about 0.03% as large as its parent galaxy. It is roughly 1.1 million light-years from the centre of Florathel and has a population of roughly 851 trillion.

The galaxy is littered with the remains of at least thirty once-great civilizations, some of which were devoured by the Somnar Hive and some of which fell for other reasons. The Providence Union is hypothesized to have colonized a portion of this galaxy.

Galactic Geography

Myrmidan, being elliptical and relatively unknown, only has three galactic regions:

  • Core
  • Shell
  • Halo


The core of Myrmidan is home to Rayas, the galaxy's supermassive black hole, as well as many high-mass stars and star-forming regions, quite unusual for an elliptical. This is also where Somnar is located. Aside from these facts, this is the least well-known region in the galaxy.


The "shell" is the region of Myrmidan surrounding the core, and contains such objects as the Sleeping Nebula, a large dust lane that isn't actually a nebula. Myrmidan Shell contains the other four primary nations of Myrmidan, the largest of which is the Corroloa Empire.


The galactic halo of Myrmidan rapidly fades out into intergalactic space, and is generally uninteresting. It contains no notable systems outside of Globular Clusters, and there are very few of those. However, the most notable is the Exurian Cluster, described below.

Exurian Cluster

The Exurian Cluster is the largest globular cluster of the Myrmidan. It is fully controlled by the Exurian Union, a nation closely allied with the United Nations of the Florathel Galaxy, which has sent the vast majority of its military to help in the Ardaya Conflicts.

Exurian is a relatively large globular cluster, that is unusually dense in its inner parts. Because of this, most everyone outside it who discovered it assumed that it was much smaller than it actually is, because of this extreme density gradient. However, the Exurian Union is currently constructing a relatively small Birch Planet out of the inner stars of the cluster, to concentrate its population.

Major Worlds

PlanetIcon.png Somnar PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Edana PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Xathor PlanetIcon.png
Core, Somnar Hive
Edge, Last Free Systems
Edge, Last Free Systems
~4.3-5.7 trillion
70 Trillion (counting population in orbital habitats)
49 Trillion (counting population in orbital habitats)
Unique Attributes:
PlanetIcon.png Exuria PlanetIcon.png
PlanetIcon.png Veaka PlanetIcon.png
Exurian Cluster, Exurian Union
Core, Somnar Hive
39-45 trillion
Unique Attributes:


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