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The Myrmidan Galaxy is the second largest satellite of the Flower Galaxy. The galaxy is relatively desolate compared to its parent galaxy, having only seven known intelligent species. Currently, the Somnar Hive controls over 95% of the galaxy, having taken over five of the other species in the galaxy. The last remaining intelligent species that has not been conquered is the Edans, of the planet Edana, and their cause is being supported by many major powers in the Flower and Lareas Galaxies.

Physical Characteristics

Myrmidan is an irregular galaxy with a diameter of 9,100 ly. It contains 2.9 billion stars, making it about 4% as large as its parent galaxy. It is roughly 210,000 light-years from the Flower Galaxy and has a population of roughly 859 quintillion.

The galaxy is littered with the remains of at least thirty once-great civilizations, some of which were devoured by the Somnar Hive and some of which fell for other reasons. The Providence Union is hypothesized to have colonized a portion of this galaxy.

Somnar Hive

The Somnar Hive is a large hive-mind empire that has conquered most of the Myrmidan Galaxy and assimilated most of the other species in the galaxy. They have used the many ruins scattered through the galaxy to rise quite rapidly and subjugate other species. The way they assimilate species has lent them the label of one of the most hated species in the Telusian Group, and no expeditions into their territory has ever returned. What little we know about it comes from intercepted transmissions.


Having existed for almost thirteen billion years, many civilizations have risen and fallen over the galaxy's history. However, not much is known about them, for no expeditions into the galaxy beyond the Ardaya region have actually returned.


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