The Mysterium Region is a mysterious region in the Dryas Cloud of the Ambrosia Galaxy in which objects within thirty astronomical units disappear. It was also subject to an anomalous broadcast that appeared to be from the Confederacy of Borealis. It is the only area in the known universe to create this effect, but this might change in the future.   


The Mysterium Region is by far the strangest and most dangerous location in the Ambrosia Galaxy, and stands alone in its like in the entirety of the known universe. It has achieved its status thanks to the infamous anomalous effects that occur when any form of matter enters within the thirty astronomical units of the area wherein it seems that the respective matter is completely erased from the material universe as we know it currently. How, or better yet why this happens has remained unknown for billions of years.  

It's most famously been linked to the mysterious disappearance of the equally famous: "Ones that Came Before" A late type three civilization that once held control over the entirety of the Ambrosia Galaxy. As well, it has also been linked to the point of their origin. These aforementioned links were only known to a single individual, a one: "Mystara" the most famous member of the Ten Supreme Authorities. And much alike most things she kept information on, she would not share this knowledge with anyone else, and after her vanishment, that knowledge vanished with her.

In the famous short poem known as: "Before." It is hinted that they appear within the Mysterium Region, and eventually returned to the area in mass, vanishing as quickly as they appeared.  

It would be well acquainted with both the Etymology, and its successor, The Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems as they both became enraptured in unraveling the infinite secrets behind the area of space. However the Etymology remained unsuccessful throughout its entire existence, and so far, much the same has been true of the Ambrosia Alliance. They both classified the area under different titles. It was known as the: "????????????" Region by the aforementioned Etymology, it would be referred to henceforth as the: "Mysterium" due to the original name, or Askádkopirulmostēiaohsu being neigh impossible to pronounce by non-Ambrosian speakers.  

The Mysterium Region has caused' a lot of controversy among the major players of the universe as of late such as Humans and Zythynss, among others. And that can be thanked due to the now extremely infamous, Mysterium Region Broadcast. An event one can't really put into words. This hasn't helped extragalactic observers view towards the larger Ambrosia Galaxy in the slightest. In fact, ire against the galaxy would grow even larger thanks to the false declaration of war between the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and the Confederacy of Borealis linked to the aforementioned event. Thanks to this, and the general distrust with the galaxy's inhabitants both past and present, the Ambrosia Alliance of United Systems has been silently disowned by the larger government they operate under.  


As no documented history of the area was known until' the Etymology came across it, the beginning of this will be mostly speculation. So take it as you will. 

The Ones that Came Before emerged from a world located within the Mysterium, coming into being (for lack of a better term) in 12,640,000,000 BCE. They would quickly conquer all that the Ambrosia galaxy held, which at the time was only a fraction of what it has today. However almost as quickly as they appeared, they would completely vanish. In theory, being called back to whatever mysterious force made them emerge in the first place. 

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