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Mythra, also known more simply as "Men" or the "Race of Man" are an intelligent bipedal mammalian race found throughout all of planet Haven, and are a member species of the Edian Races, a group of seven individual races all descendent from the Inomeni race, the Edia, who once held dominion over the entire planet. Mythra are both the most populace of the Edian Races, as well as the most populace species across the entire world, accounting for a staggering fifteen percent of the whole of the planet's population, and as such, they are able to be found in nearly every corner of the globe. Due to their prevalence, much of Haven's world history has been dictated by the actions of Mythra individuals, as they have often held positions of power and authority throughout the millennia.

The name "Mythra" derives from the Edian word for "Destined Mothers," so named due to their race's special ability to be able to create a special crossbred child between themselves, and any member of the four other civilized racial groups of the world, forging a new interbred species rather then the child simply sharing the race of the mother, as is the case for any other two members of separate racial groups mating with one another. Their name is also derived from the race's extremely quick rate of reproduction when compared to the rest of the collective races of Haven, making them be able to dominate the whole of the planet in sheer number alone.

Mythra are an extremely determined group of people, famed for their ingenuity, ambition, and overwhelming sense of community and kinship. All Mythra are born with a deep-seeded sense of discontentment, leading them to continually and eternally charge ever onward to quell this sense of discontent, be it from the completion of a simple personal project, such as the construction of a town or village, to the more grandiose of conquering entire continents. This sense of ambition has led to numerous conflicts between Mythra and other races, most predominantly, their rival sister-Edian Race, the Sylvians, who often times find themselves having to compete with their more prevalent contemporaries for relevancy in land, culture and politics.



The Mythra are perhaps the most alike to their Edia ancestors when compared to the rest of the Edian Races, as comparatively, they hadn't diverged in many distinctive ways from their forbearers. They are a bipedal, mammalian species, standing at an average five feet six inches tall, (1.5 meters) and typically weighing around one hundred and thirty-six pounds. (61 kilograms) They're bodies are usually fairly slender, and somewhat frail when compared to other races of the world, making a Mythra have to rely more on created accruements to offset their fairly lack luster levels of physical durability.

Individual Mythra can vary widely from one another in appearance, weight, and height, as there are numerous sub-races of the Mythra depending on their place of origin. However when compared to the other Edian races, particular those of the Sylvian and Gnarvesh races, they are fairly uniform, lacking the same varied physical builds, or striking shades of body colorations.

As the Mythra originally developed within temperate forests across the planet, they are best suited to thrive in that environment, however as the Mythra began to spread themselves across the continents, their bodies, particularly their skin, became adapted to the respective environments they now found themselves within. Mythra races found in colder areas, such as taigas and tundras, developed pale-white skin due to the comparatively lower amount of sunlight reaching their bodies, as well as thicker bodies to better insulate themselves, while those found within hotter regions, like deserts and badlands gained a darker pigmentation, able to better withstand the increased sunlight and heat put upon them, as well as thinner bodies, able to expend more energy then they otherwise would be able to. This adaptation to their environment would lead the Mythra to be held as one of the most ethnically diverse intelligent race on the planet, having numerous different varieties.

The color hues in which the skin on their bodies will adapt is fairly mundane and placid when compared with other Edian Races, lacking much of the vibrancy their contemporaries exhibit. Their skin exhibits mainly placid pale-whites, and subdued tans and browns, though in rarer instances it might exhibit shades of gray and even pink. However, the colorations in which their hair and eyes can exhibit far eclipses the vibrancy of their skin, coming in with vibrant blues, deep reds, verdant greens, and striking yellows, as well as even luminous whites and violets.


The Mythra are rather famed for their species' exceptional abilities of adaptation, able to adapt to nearly any environment of the world, with only rare exceptions. These abilities of adaptation were so developed by them to be able to spread themselves across the planet, though these abilities of adaptation are less-so than that of their contemporary race, Sylvians. The Mythra are also known to have an innate resistance to high sun exposure conditions and extreme heat, most likely as a result of their native environments. As well, the Mythra possess a hardy constitution that allows them to resist minor forms of poison.

However, Mythra are perhaps most famed for their race's impeccable ability to create a special crossbreed child between themselves, and any member of an opposite racial group. Built within their genetic code lies a complex pseudo-magical DNA structure that contains the base genetic components of all members of the sapient races of the world. When the Mythra genetic code is either entered into a Mythra by way of a female receiving insemination, or if a male Mythra inseminates a member of an opposite racial group, it will combine the Edian Line imbued by the Mythra, alongside those gained by the opposite parent.

These crossbred races will inherent physiology more in-line with their Mythra parent, however, they will also possess special traits and abilities bestowed to them by the respective other parent. As well, due to the way in which the Mythra genes filter out any excess genetic material, leaving only the core components of the respective opposite donor, a Mythra interbred child inherited abilities are much more potent than that of their parent's, making them the perfect version of both the Mythra, and the other race they are forged from.