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Also known as Tuyos in Rharnian mythology, Myzira is a temperate temperate terra, capable of supporting diverse ecosystems of various plants and animals. Once the home world of the Thurns, now extinct due to an interstellar nuclear strike almost 300 years ago.


Named after the Rharnian god of transport, Myzira, or known to his descendents as Tuyos, is translated as Star Wanderer, due to the belief that the world was transported through the galaxy by their god every millenia.


Located and situated on the other side of the Via Sagittaria Galaxy, Myzira is a temperate world teeming with life forms of various sizes and shapes. When the Confederacy of Borealis established a research outpost, they were surprised to find the atmosphere toxic of carbon dioxide with smaller concentrations of oxygen and nitrogen; the gases needed for life. Interestingly, they found high levels of radiation, leading them to conclude a nuclear war took place approximately 300 years ago.

Ancient ruins of a destroyed civilisation were found towards the equator and away from the polar regions; where radiation levels were at their highest, preventing nature from taking over the ruins but has allowed for the evolution of radiation-protected animals and plants. The nuclear strike had allowed for the planet's sixth mass extinction.

Almost 300 years after the cataclysmic event that had led to the collapse of the Thurn civilisation, human research outposts have been set up on the equator and polar regions, studying several different environments, ecosystems and weather systems. In recent years, tremors from around a lake in a desert area have begun showing signs of an incoming super volcanic eruption.

Nuclear Strike

Human research on the planet has revealed a nuclear strike from another world. However, studying the other planets in the star system has shown no evidence of currently existing civilisations. More analysis showed that the nuclear strike was powerful enough to send a shockwave, across the planet, knocking down trees and plants closest to the strike and leaving life forms on the other side of the planet experiencing ground quakes. 

The strike must have come from somewhere, but scientists were reaching a dead-end in their research. The nuclear warhead must have come from another star system. Whoever they were, they had knowledge of the Thurns existence and destroyed them in a single strike. As of present day, radiation levels haven't shown any signs of decreasing but continously remaining at high levels for the next few thousand years. Scientists predict the radiation will disappear in 100,000 years.