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"Najima was a model Solar System - Hundreds of settlements, constantly connected through trade and communication routes. Dedicated defenses, and within it, people, dedicated to their homes. It's the very embodyment of the Sonoran Union. The Sonorani were proud of it - As they should have been."

The Najima System is a system of 8 planets and 153 moons. It is the Capital Solar System of The Sonoran Union.

It is home to the planet Sonoran, which is the homeworld of the Kessenski species. It is here that The Sonoran Union was born after Humans from the Empire of Mankind arrived on the world, and the two formed a mutually beneficial union between one another. Sonoran is the Capital of the Sonoran Union.

Najima is also home to a species known as the Borshann, which inhabit the moon of Yaghūth, which orbits the world of Azizos. The Borshann are a more advanced species, but kept their distance from Humans for a while to sense their intentions. After being satisfied that the Humans within Najima were not hostile, they revealed themselves, and joined The Sonoran Union.

Since then, the Sonoran Union has expanded dramatically, opening up and accepting more and more species into it's intersteller Union. More and more people decided to live in Najima, colonizing the moons, asteroids, dwarf planets, and other such celestial bodies. Now, Najima is one of the most diverse solar systems within the Sonoran Union.

It has suffered at least three direct attacks by opposing Factions, but it has strong enough defenses to protect itself and its interests. Najima has also housed representatives from The Commune Federation, the Xavier Co-Operative Protectorate, and the Cårölus Syndicate, granting them diplomatic relations. The Sonoran Union is also a part of an alliance between the Federation and the Protectorate, all willing to fight for one another in the event of an invasion. Najima is the Sooran Unions political Capital, hence why this all happens here.

System Architecture

Najima System Architecture.jpg

1. Basamum - Basamum is a tidally locked world, and is the closest planet to the star Najima. A hot, tidally locked world, Basamum is home to a series of mining operations that have provided metal for the Sonoran Union's fleet. It has also been colonized to a degree, with settlers making homes in the hollowed out tunnels and regions, and on the surface that faces away from the sun. The world gets it's power from a series of enhanced solar pannels and thermokinetic methods.

2. Monimos - Monimos is a hot gaseous planet which is larger than average, and is the second planet closest to the sun. It is also the largest planet in the solar system. The world is home to several operations, including Gas mining. It is home to six dozen floating cities, all of which are inhabited, and have gas mining operations. the refineries go to worlds in the process of terraforming, fuel for ships, and other such matters.

3. Sonoran - Sonoran is the third planet from the sun in the Najima in the Najima solar system. It is home to the Kessenski species, and the capital of both the Najima system, and The Sonoran Union at large. It is a desert world, and home to the Kessenski species. It is a highly developed world, home to thousands of huge cities, with two trillion inhabitants.

4. Qaynan - Qaynan is the fourth planet from the sun in Najima. It is a temperate gas world which is larger than average. It also possesses a large series of rings. The rings have become home to a huge number of people in the forms of asteroid habitats, interconnected stations, and the likes. Like with Monimos, there are floating cities within Qaynan. Unique for the Gas Giants of the Najima system though, it is home to a ringworld, which goes along the equator of the world. Qaynan is where most of the diplomatic relations bases are housed.

5. Ruda - Ruda is the fith planet from Najima. It was a cold arid superaquaria, before it was terraformed by the Union. It is now a habitableworld, and many Humans who come from more temperate worlds decide to reside on Ruda due to its similarities with .

6. Dhul Khalasa - Dhul Khalasa is the sixth planet from Najima, and is a cold gas world. It also possesses a large series of rings. Like Qaynan, it is home to asteroid cities and floating cities. It is well known for it's scientific stations and it's experimentations with high-pressure ships.

7. Azizos - Azizos is the seventh planet from Najima, and is a cold arid aquaria world. while there were proposals to terraform it in the past, it has instead been turned into an immense manufactoring powerhouse, capable of producing goods and materials at immense speeds with automated machinery, much of which was already present when the Union arrived as Azisos.. It possesses a series of rings. It's moon of Yaghūth is home to the species of the Borshann.

Yaghūth - Yaghūth is a moon of Azizos. It's surface is covered by a thick level of hard ice and rock. It is home to the Borshann.

8. Theandrios - Theandrios is a Frigid arid aquaria world, and the final planet from Najima. The planet has a small series of rings.It serves both as a communications station to other solar systems, but a jumping off point to other solar systems.