100th Millennium Wiki

"Not once throughout the entirety of the history of Verpletter has a Faction grown so rapidly, and shown absolutely no sign of stopping. I don't know how they even manage it, but I do know that unless they're put down quickly, they're going to become a major force, and a major threat."

The Nakazawa Imperium is a Major Faction located within the Verpletter Dwarf Galaxy. While the smallest of the Major Factions, the Nakazawa Imperium is the most rapidly growing Faction in the galaxy, rapidly taking over worlds and territory at immense rates.

Based on strict military doctrine from an incredibly young age, nearly all the citizenry within the Imperium are taught extreme discipline, tactical thought, and battlefield logistics. Most work done within the Imperium is done with the understanding that one is contributing to the wider armed expansion of their territory, which they see as the reason for their existence.

The Faction is named after the Great Expander, Kakudai Takatsukasa Sukekore Nakazawa, a revered figure who was responsible for the conquest and unification of all peoples on the home-world Xīngqiú. Considered to be a master tactician, charismatic wordsmith, and talented negotiator, he was able to lead a minor and isolated Kingdom from a few scattered islands into a world spanning empire within the course of just a few centuries. It was under his reign that the Imperium would achieve spaceflight once more, and begin expanding into the stars from Xīngqiú.

Kakudai Takatsukasa Sukekore Nakazawa was killed during their first contact with another alien species and a soon-to-be rival Faction, the Zrelgerian Kraterocracy. This sparked outrage throughout the Imperium, and was seen as proof of the brutality of the outside world, and the need for the strictest of discipline and service to the Imperium. All dissent that was tolerated under Nakazawa was obliterated, and the Imperium began it's march towards the vision their unifier had given them - Domination over the Verpletter Galaxy.