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Nakuvoas is probably the most important world in the history of the Konata Galaxy, the galaxy it is found in. Although the frigid world was devoured by an abomination in the aftermath of the Great Desecration, it is still widely known in the annals of history. Nakuvoas was the capital and most populous world of the Marakat base in the Konata Galaxy, and the site of many major tests and experiments before the Desecration.

Nakuvoas was not particularly interesting, physically speaking. It was covered in ice, with heavily salinated oceans covering large swathes of its surface. This boringness did not hold for anything else about the planet, for better or worse. Before its destruction in the aftermath of the Great Desecration, the world was covered in various arcologies, experiment buildings, and forcefield domes for keeping in the effects of various tests.

The frigid world was the epicenter of the Great Desecration, as a larger-than-ever test of a new formula for the Perites Element failed catastrophically due to a power short of the forcefield dome over the site. This caused massive tremors to rock many planets in the vicinity of Nakuvoas, causing the ground to fracture, breaking open the cages of eldritch abominations created during previous tests. These beings rapidly grew to monstrous sizes, consuming space stations and even whole planets on their rampage. Nakuvoas was swallowed by one of these abominations mere hours after the failed test.


Before Nakuvoas' destruction in the Great Desecration, there were many important locations on the planet, including major testing sites, large cities, and so on.


Nakuvoas formed roughly 900 million years ago around the fairly uninteresting K-type star Rokota as its largest planet. Roughly 400 million years after that, the first bacteria begun forming in the frigid waters of the world, but unfortunately it did not get much farther than this.

Between then and the beginning of modern history, nothing discernible happened. The bacteria slowly evolved until the year 78,433 CE, when the first interesting thing happened in the planet's fairly short history.

At first, the personnel of the nascent base did very little in the way of testing and experimenting with various weaponry, devoting their time to assembling the various habitation structures and the equipment with which the tests could be made possible. The first test was made roughly 21 months after the initial landing, of a bog-standard antimatter weapon, but this was to be quickly followed by much stranger things.

Some of the most commonplace tests which were done on the surface of Nakuvoas were those involving biology in some way. For example, vermin creatures which had stowed away on the colony ships were captured and experimented on, transforming many into brutal, massive creatures who brutally ripped apart anything they came into contact with. Some of these escaped, roaming the ice fields until the planet's destruction thousands of years later.

Still others were transformed into something even stranger. Many rapidly grew into vast eldritch abominations, which were carefully transported elsewhere. The cages which these resided in were broken open during the Great Desecration, causing their vast numbers to roam across the galaxy, contributing much of Konata's hostility.

Towards the end of the planet's existence, one of the scientists living in Koralo, the planet's largest city, invented the formula for a substance known as the Perites Element. The Perites Element, which would later be independently invented and utilized during the Forever War, had the potential to drastically warp the spacetime near it if stimulated with the correct wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. For example, if exposed for prolonged periods to a particular wavelength of X-ray radiation, the region of space surrounding the sample would become permanently time-dilated to such an extent that millennia would pass within the time-dilated space within hours after the test, as well as causing anomalous gravity fields in the region.

The final test conducted on the planet was a test of the Perites Element on a very specific wavelength of gamma-rays commonly caused by the radioactive decay of some elements. This fact was not taken into account, to the doom of all on the planet. Nakuvoas' young age means that it still has a lot of radioactive materials hidden within its crust, causing the planet to be awash with low levels of the particular wavelength. This meant that when the test began, the energy released by the sample, which was the largest yet tested, was enough to send massive tremors through all planets within 20 light-years of Nakuvoas.

Nakuvoas' ice was now riven with deep cracks, and the catastrophic tremor had caused the collapse of many of its largest cities, killing almost 80 percent of the population within minutes of the initial test. The worst was yet to come, however, as the tremor broke open the cages of the abominations stored in the outer reaches of the system, worn down by centuries of attacks from the now-incomprehensible creatures found within.

After ripping the cages to shreds, the abominations quickly flocked to the nearest large objects to them: Nakuvoas and its parent star. The largest of them had grown to almost twice the size of the planet itself, and its gravitational forces broke the planet apart. The pieces were quickly swallowed by the abomination, and not a single survivor from the planet is known. The plasma of Rokota was presumably also rapidly stripped away by the other abominations, as telescopic observations from Oasis see nothing of the star but a dim husk glowing from leftover heat. Thus ends the not-so-illustrious history of Nakuvoas.

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