The Nanobiotechnology is a medical technology, developed by the Empire of Mankind. It was firstly invented by a team of Imperial scientist, lead by Nanobiologist Ursa Estrada by 94,677 CE. The base of this industry is located on Planet Lipna. It consists on the creation of a new revolutionary medical technique that consist on the creation of small biorobots created out of Human or Alien DNA of a patient on a nano size. They are then reintroduced in the body and used for removing malicious cells, tumors, regenerate tissues, perform nano surgery, gene modifications etc... This nano creatures act similarly to mini robots but are entirely made of flesh.


This science is used mostly for medical reasons but has been used as well for Genetic modifications other than those needed for illness, such as enhancement of physical and mental abilities. This obviously, has been constrained only to the Nobility and the very wealthy. It has been used as well for solving and enhance the Imperial issue to prevent mental or physical illness on Imperial Heir Fetuses as well as to assure a male heir first, most of the time. Imperial Fetuses and their mothers have been closely monitored thanks to this technology.

The Nanobio Robots are made out of DNA material and manipulated on labs to form a submissive biological form which can be created for a specific mission to accomplish (Such as destruction of malicious cells for example), after which they die. They have a brain, made on a similar way a chip would work and act similarly as the cells from the immune system would work. Euthanasia is ingrained in the Nanobio Robots biology, which is in place once they finish their mission or after some days, and since they are made of the patients DNA they get reabsorbed by the body. This also prevents the body from attacking this robots and have an adverse reaction to them.

Nowadays it has been transported to the Medical Industrial sector. This technology has allowed many to live and remain unaged for millennia, most notably the Emperors and the High clases. Lipna has several large laboratories and Genetic Centers located in the Planet. Alma, has also used this technology and several labs can also be found in the Planet. Those two are the main genetic and medical centers of the Empire known to use this technology to improve quality of live of their inhabitants and solve most of the Human illnesses. Some Alien Clients have also travelled to those planets to get treatment.

This science has been taken by the Republic of Sion for their genetic modifications.

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