The Navigation Suite is a set of hardware, software, detectors, etc. made to make interstellar travel much easier to perform, allowing for travel between systems quickly, without having to slowly approach the system, and without overshooting.

  • FTL Drive
  • Navigation Suite (NS)
    • Security Systems
      • Report Local Authorities
      • Security Autopilot
        • Abilities: orient away from exclusion zone, engage warp
    • General Purpose Autopilot
      • Abilities: orientation, warp to target, calculate brachistochrone trajectory to target, etc.
    • Data Containment Device (DCD)
    • Interstellar Navigation Modules
      • Star Cataloging And Retrieval System (SCART)
      • Drive Properties Acquisition Device (DPAD)
    • Normal Space Navigation Modules
      • RADAR General Detection Suite (RGDS)
    • Emergency Systems
      • RGDS Surface Distance Detection (RSDD)
      • Gravitational Anomaly Measuring Device (GAMD)
      • Error Report Device (ERD)
      • Damage Report Device (DRD)
      • General Emergency Autopilot
        • Abilities: emergency drop, orient away from gravitational anomaly, select nearest valid target, engage warp

It is illegal to travel without an NS, although that doesn't stop criminals from jerry-rigging their own suites, or flying without. These criminals often include pirates, assaulters and those trying to bypass exclusion zones around anomalies and dangerous objects.

Captain Frod of the planet Venus is a famous pilot who flew without many of the critical features of their NS, but they died when they crept too close to a black hole and passed the exclusion zone. Without a general emergency autopilot to fly them to safety, they fell past the event horizon while desperately trying to get their Alcubierre Drive to fight against the spacetime curvature around them. This highlighted the dangers of using a ship without critical NS features and led to galaxy-wide deaths decreasing,

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