The Nebulon is a magnificent blue spiral galaxy located in orbit around the famous Cosmoria Galaxy. Hundreds of important worlds rest in this galaxy, including Xastros. Most of the galaxy is controlled by the Cosmorian Federation.


As small as the Nebulon Galaxy is, it's still as valued. Thanks to the galaxies magnificent appearance, one might think it is full of life. Truthfully most of the planets and moons in the Nebulon Galaxy are rocky with tenuous atmospheres, but extremely resource rich.

More than thousands of mining corporations have settled in the galaxy, and are harvesting an unimaginable amount of resources per standard year. The most famous of which is the Aegis Mining Corporation, which operates about half of the gargantuan mining vessels in the galaxy.

The lack of natural habitable worlds in this galaxy has led to many worlds to be terraformed into lush and thriving ecosystems of life. The most famed terraformed world is As'leth, which is the oldest world to be terraformed by the Cosmorian Federation.

Galactic Geography

The Nebulon Galaxy's geography is a lot simpler than in other galaxies. The entirety of Nebulon Galaxy is divided into 3 small regions, which are;

The Core

The Core is the second most colonized region of the Nebulon Galaxy, and home to Tenerians, which are a late Type-I species. Everything moves exceptionally fast in the core, requiring various starcharts to be updated every year, to avoid any fatal accidents. The core only expands up to 5000 light years from the galactic center.

The Rim

Being the most colonized, The Rim is also the biggest region in the Nebulon Galaxy, stretching to the distance of 15000 light years. Most of the important worlds in the galaxy lie here, along with Sea'oca, which is the capital world of the Aegis Mining Corporation. The Rim was also the first region to ever be visited by mankind, with massive colony ships sent by the Cosmorian Federation.

The Fade

The Fade is also known as the end of the Nebulon Galaxy, and is the least colonized and explored. The Cosmorian Federation has little to no presence in this area, only controlling 52,648 star systems. Only 12 of which have naturally occurring habitable worlds.

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