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The Neida Galaxy is a satellite galaxy, a minor one, located on the outskirts of the Icarus Galaxy in Herschel Space. Most of it is under the Intergalactic Federation and the Empire of Mankind. A small bit belongs to the United Alliance. It is considered to be on the frontier of its parent Galaxy, not well connected to it, but connected to other Galaxies in the Herschel group thanks to several wormholes.

It is mostly known for its worship of Fuukanism and is one of the few places outside of Blumeheim to have a large number of Fuukanists. Although this religion is practiced slightly different than in its native nation. This is so, due to the Galaxy being far away from the center of this Religion.

Fuukanism marks the identity of this galaxy. Most of the Galaxy is still in a process of colonization.

Main Species

The Galaxy, apart from extragalactic Humans, has only one main developed civilization native to it that has been found to date

  • Rotdatti

They are an Alien species located within inner arms of the Galaxy and is famous for being very cautious with humans, even though they trade with them. They have control over several hundreds of systems and have control of a considerable portion of the Galaxy.


Although Molonov and the holy books are sacred, they pay special attention to the Gods and Anti-gods. Due to being so isolated from the main Fuukanists, they have somehow developed a different branch. Due to Molonov not being human, its figure has been foreshadowed and its importance diminished compared to the Fuukanism in Blumeheim. The Religion is more important among I.F citizens in the Galaxy.

Many have tried to realize a pilgrimage to Alphos, a holy planet of this religion, that they considered sacred. Authorities do not allow missionaries to convert others outside the Neida Galaxy.

As a curiosity, there is a dark cult that has arose, that worships the Anti-gods. This dark group is committing some terrorists attacks in some of the planets of the Neida Galaxy and are known as "The Obscures".