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The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony (N.T.I.H.) is a monarchy made up of of four duchies, one seigniory, and one grand duchy mostly located in the center of the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. It has influence over 38.5 billion stars and a combined population of 10.1 octillion individuals. For a polity of its size, its population is quite low; similarly-sized nations often have many more inhabitants. The Hegemony has developed a cohesive internal market as well as a Hyperlane Network. The duchies of the Hegemony act as one in most matters. It is the youngest nation to be considered a superpower at 2,179 years old.

The modern Hegemony is the third in a series of united duchies in history. It was established by the Treaty of Hiroseh originally as a trade union. After almost one thousand years of this, the Duchies were so integrated that they were essentially one nation. The various dukes within the galaxy took note of this and decided to officially unite under one banner. Once united, the various monarchs would be able to further their power on an intergalactic scale far more effectively, causing them to sign the "Second Treaty of Hiroseh," officially creating the Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony in 97,821.

The duchies composing the Hegemony were founded on the ideals of Neo-Terranism, the belief that only certain species are truly sapient based on mostly arbitrary characteristics. The belief has been largely reformed throughout the ages, and, as of late, is mostly just nationalism with an emphasis on the military. The modern Neo-Terran government recognizes all sapient species as such. The Neo-Terran government spends over 13% of its GDP on the military, by far the highest ratio of any nation nearby. As a result, its military is widely considered to be unmatched by most of the Hegemony's neighbors.

The Neo-Terran nations have collapsed and reformed three times in its history. The first Neo-Terran nation originally formed in 20,751 CE. The first Neo-Terrans in the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy hailed from a handful of generation ark-ships originating from the Via Sagittaria Galaxy. The first emperor, Hal Drusus II, claimed that he saw a planet in a vision shortly after their arrival. He guided the ship to the location of what would later be named Scipio and before them was an oxygen-rich world with only oceanic life. It was close to the ideal planet to colonize. The Neo-Terrans would expand from here, using their hybrid biomechanical technology to colonize stars at a steady pace, constantly looking for metals in the metal poor Via Lacrimosa.

They expanded to form a union with the other fairly humanoid species of the galaxy called the "Neo-Terran Co-prosperity Sphere" in 27,945 CE. This sphere of influence extended throughout almost all of the fairly sparse galaxy, given that there were hardly any other nations in the galaxy at the time. The duchies were first organized at this time. After over 2000 years of solid control over all civilizations in the galaxy, a new emperor began a policy of "humanity first," ignoring the tentative relations his species had with the rest of the galaxy causing the Sphere to collapse. The nation remained in separate duchies for over 30,000 years before being reunited not under humans, but under the Vexlores. They were inspired by the effectiveness of the Neo-Terran's biotechnology strategy, and implemented it as well. They reinstated it under the name "Dominium of United Duchies." For over five thousand years, the Vexlores were the center of Lacrimosan politics, and even united with the State of Tenshi for a time, giving them control over all of the Ventemir Galaxy in addition to their Lacrimosan holdings. They would end up collapsing during a conflict called the Second Seige of Ambrosia in which a single powerful individual, named Prince Jeroboam, toppled the Vexlorian monarchy.

For 20,000 years the Duchies remained separated. Only recently, in 97,821, did they finally reunite for the third time. Drusidia managed to coerce Sagittarium, a long-time ally, into becoming what was essentially a vassal for the crown. This rule ended fairly quickly, but the influx of resources brought about by this was so great that Drusidia was able to launch a campaign of conquest into many more star systems. It managed to form treaties with the rest of the Duchies to reform the once-great Dominium, this time under the name of the ideology they all shared, Neo-Terranism. The nation was reborn as the "Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony."

United, the Hegemony has become a fairly major power. In recent years, it has opened itself up to various international organizations such as the Intergalactic Council. Its recent opening to international organization and trade allowed the quality of life to increase greatly for the average Neo-Terran citizen. While democratic reforms are likely a long way off, other recent reforms have made the polity far less hostile to non-humanoid species as well. As quality of life rapidly increases, for the first time in history, the Via Lacrimosa galaxy could be considered a fully developed region.

Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony




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97,821 CE
Kardashev Type
Major Worlds
Scipio, Demiurge, Tzair, Callithyia, Idarte, Crusch, Err, Seppun



Imperial Feudalism
Economic Type
Feudal Capitalist
Democracy Index
7.18 Nonillion Fex (5.5 Nonillion C-Units)
Usually Post-Scarcity
Military Status
Economic Status
Local Power


The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony, is a unitary state under a magrocratic monarchy. Emperor Sebas X is the current Emperor. It is split into six major duchies, each having some level of autonomy. Duchies are best described as "states" or "provinces," rather than separate nations in a union. As a magocratic monarchy, the NTIH is ruled by individuals collectively referred to as Magi. In other words, they wield and use an ability known as Thaumaturgy, the most common form of magic.


The monarch of the NTIH is known as the emperor. Rather than being selected through traditional means, the emperor is chosen by the phenomenon known as The Blessing of Mars. There is no parliament to speak of. The emperor, while traditionally having absolute power, has to abide by a charter called the "Edict of Decency" which limits their power to an extent. Planetary-level governments are ruled by what are known as "Assemblies" made of locally elected officials. These Assemblies have power over their own worlds and the Emperor cannot defy their rulings. Only neighboring Assemblies have the power to intervene in the affairs of others if they violate certain fundamental rights the Edict dictates.

In certain regions, the Edict differs in how to handle governance. In the Duchy of Mahou, a nation made up of a single "colony," the species is naturally democratic at the largest of scales. As such, they do not have Assemblies as every individual is already in one. In the Seigniory of Vrch, there is a more rigid constitution like that of a constitutional monarchy.

Administrative Divisions

Main Article: Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony/Duchies

There exist six major divisions within the N.T.I.H. The largest are referred to as "Duchies." There are four duchies, Mahou, Rune-Err, Amme and Naidaro, there is one Seigniory, Vrch, and there is one grand duchy, Drusidia. Together, these territories make up the bulk of the population and political power of the Hegemony, with only a handful of territories existing outside of them.

Major Species


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngAegynPlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Drusidia
  • Unique Attributes: Possession of The Blessing of Mars

Humans are the premier and founding species of the Hegemony. They make up 26.7 percent of the population and are, by far, the most influential species within the Hegemony. Over two thirds of all the emperors of a united Lacrimosan Galaxy have been human. Other government positions, such as ambassadors to other nations, are also far more likely to be human. Unlike most humans in the rest of the local universe, Neo-Terran humans possess six digits on each limb. They are, on average, shorter, more likely to psychokinetic abilities, more likely to have heterochromia, and generally naturally appear more gaunt than the average human.

Neo-Terran humans, in addition to the higher rates of psychokinesis, are far more likely to develop an ability to use an ability known as The Blessing of Mars. The ability makes individuals more charismatic, physically attractive, brave, strong, and increases mental faculties. Individuals possessing both the Blessing of Mars and Psychokinesis are almost entirely unmatched in psychokinetic prowess. Although possessing both psychokinesis and the Blessing are typically only Drusidian Emperors rather than average citizens.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngErrPlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Rune-Err
  • Unique Attributes: Many of their kind possess an ability to use what is known as "Runic Psychokinesis."

Vexlores are another major species of the Hegemony. They are the only other species besides humans to have one of their kind as an emperor. They are bipedal humanoids with similar anatomy to their human counterparts. Throughout history, they had rivalled humans as the premier species of the hegemony and, at virtually equal populations, may once again rule as emperors. They were the first species to form an interstellar civilization in the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy without outside help, however, it was soon conquered by the original human nation. When it collapsed, they would go on to become the dominant species of the galaxy using their numerous advantages, once of which being their possession of the Holo's Ring.

Holo's Ring is a large mega-structure left behind from an ancient civilization. It functions to enhance psychokinesis in individuals within about a kilo-light year of the object. It has not been fully functional throughout most of its history. The Ring is covered in a series of runes that, outside of the affected region, do not have any special value. Within the region, any psychokinetic Vexlore can draw the shapes on anything from paper to themselves. The Ring seems to use the individuals own psychokinesis to then manifest and effect based on the rune. It has been used in great effect to transmute materials as well as enhance soldiers in the region.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngDemiurgePlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Amme
  • Unique Attributes: Possesses an ancient megastructure around the black hole known as Demiurge.

Gainge are a near-human species native to the region around the Demiurge black hole. They are descended from a species of the same name whose exact origins are unknown. Through the usage of extensive genetic modification, they made themselves appear more human than their original form. The intention was to gain favor with the humans in Drusidia and it worked exactly as intended. As a result, Amme and Drusidia have the best relations of any of the Duchies and have never once betrayed each other throughout history. They view each other as "sister species."

As far back as their records extend, the Gainge have lived on the surface of a Birch Planet in the center of the Via Lacrimosa Galaxy. It came complete with an atmosphere, water, and a complete ecosystem containing fauna from across the local universe. It is unknown who or what created the mega-structure. They eventually advanced to the point of leaving their world, but just in time for a visit from the original Neo-Terrans. To this day, the vast majority of the Gainge call Demiurge their home as it has just been recently entirely colonized.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngTzairPlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Naidaro
  • Unique Attributes: Possesses a naturally-evolved semi-corporeal form.

Naidarans are a vaguely humanoid species originating from the planet Tzair. They are mostly incorporeal with only a handful of purely physical parts of their bodies. Their bones, certain organs, and portions of their brain seem to exist physically. The rest, while most certainly existing, is intangible to all but other members of their species. This layer of mostly intangible "substance" over their internals protects them from threats by being basically untouchable. This layer is maintained via psychokinesis. Were the physical brain to be damaged, the entire Naidaran would fall into pieces.

They are one of the most common species in the Hegemony as well as one of the best at warfare. Their duchy, Naidaro, is one of the few to field infantry given their incredibly hard-to-kill nature. Naidarans are unable to improve on their naturally psychokinetic abilities.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngCallithyiaPlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Mahou
  • Unique Attributes: The Farlas are a eusocial species capable of perfectly distributing resources to members which need them.

Farlas are a sometimes bipedal species originating from the planet Callithyia. Farlas are divided into four primary modes. As a eusocial species, various roles are divided amongst different classes of individuals. The three non-sapient modes are the "workers," "breeders," and "drones." Workers are asexual, physically strong, expendable, and make up the vast majority of the population. Breeders are female and are, as their name suggests, those that maintain the population of the Farlas. Drones are male. They are the most unique of the modes as they have large wings in place of arms. The only sapient mode is the "sovereigns." Making up less than 0.5% of total Farlas, sovereigns are responsible for commanding the hoards of workers. Each one has access a minimum of 200 workers, while some have over thousands obeying their commands.

Sovereigns cooperate to form what are known as "colonies." Each colony usually had up to twenty sovereigns, however, through artificial means, the number of sovereigns in the "colony" has increased to include every living sovereign, thus allowing the entire species to cooperate as though they were all part of the same colony. This has allowed them to quickly expand to form the "Colony of Mahou" in which the dukeship is held not in the hands of an individual but in the hands of the entire colony.


  • Homeworld: PlanetIcon.pngIdartePlanetIcon.png
  • National Affiliation: Vrch
  • Unique Attributes: The Demi-Vexlores have access to both Runic Psychokinesis and the Blessing of Mars in limited amounts

Demi-Vexlores are a hybrid species of both Humans and Vexlores. However, they did not form as a result of natural interbreeding but through genetic modification. While hybrids of other combinations of species are fairly rare, Demi-Vexlores make up a significant portion of the Duchy of Vrch. With access to both the Blessing of Mars and Runic Psychokinesis, Demi-Vexlores have a great advantage in combat scenarios. The species is very similar to both Vexlores and Humans.

The crowned princess of the NTIH is a Demi-Vexlore by the name of Lorelei Avana-Drusus. Once she takes the thrown, this will be the first time a species other than Humans or Vexlores have sat on it.

Diplomatic Relations


Major Worlds