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Notable Figures

The Neo-Terran nations have collapsed and reformed three times in its history. The first Neo-Terran nation originally formed in 20,751 CE. While information is hazy and likely influenced by legend, it is known that the first Neo-Terrans were Humans. The first emperor, Hal Drusus II, claimed that he saw a planet in a vision shortly after their arrival. He guided the ship to the location of what would later be named Scipio and before them was an oxygen-rich world with only oceanic life. It was close to the ideal planet to colonize. The Neo-Terrans would expand from here, using their hybrid biomechanical technology to colonize stars at a steady pace, constantly looking for metals in their metal poor region of Via Lacrimosa.

They expanded to form a union with the other fairly humanoid species of the galaxy called the "Neo-Terran Co-prosperity Sphere" in 27,945 CE. This sphere of influence extended throughout almost all of the fairly sparse galaxy, given that there were hardly any other nations in the galaxy at the time. The duchies were first organized at this time. After over 2000 years of solid control over almost all civilizations in the galaxy, a new emperor began a policy of hyper-aggression towards unassociated species, ignoring the tentative relations humans had with the rest of the galaxy. The sphere collapsed due to internal pressure. The nation remained in separate duchies for over 30,000 years before being reunited not under humans, but under the Vexlores. They were inspired by the effectiveness of the Neo-Terran's biotechnology strategy, and implemented it as well. They reinstated it under the name "Dominium of United Duchies." For over five thousand years, the Vexlores were the center of Lacrimosan politics, and even united with the State of Tenshi for a time, giving them control over all of the Ventemir Galaxy in addition to their Lacrimosan holdings. They would end up collapsing due to a civil war known as the Tenshin Dispute in which the Ventemir Galaxy split away from the Dominium. The remainder of Tenshi split away following major destablization caused by their experimental weapon, Prince Jeroboam.

For 20,000 years the Duchies remained separated. Only recently, in 97,821, did they finally reunite for the third time. Drusidia managed to coerce Sagittarium, a long-time ally, into becoming what was essentially a vassal for the crown. This rule ended fairly quickly, but the influx of resources brought about by this was so great that Drusidia was able to launch a campaign of conquest into many more star systems. It managed to form treaties with the rest of the Duchies to reform the once-great Dominium, this time under the name of the ideology they all shared, Neo-Terranism. The nation was reborn as the "Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony."