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The Neo-Terran Intergalactic Hegemony is entirely centered on the Occult Galaxy and it's satellites. In total, there are 12 galaxies under the control of the NTIH. These galaxies, in total, mass less than the Via Sagittaria galaxy and contain less total stars. The NTIH and it's component duchies control a total of 77 billion stars.

The NTIH is fairly close to the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations and Confederacy of Borealis as it resides in the closest galaxy group to the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. It is also close to Empire of Mankind and The Union. It is closest to the nations of the Flower Galaxy, such as the Cnara-Frealee Federation as well. The Neo-Terrans reside in a very central location compared and can travel to most known nations quickly. Because of this, the Hegemony was able to establish relations with it's neighbors relatively easily.

Occult Galaxy

Image Number of Stars Width Controllers Notes
Phoenixx.jpg 100 Billion 78.99 Kilo light years NTIH.jpg NTIH

Drusidia.png Drusidia

Amme.jpg Amme

Naidaro.jpg Naidaro

Rune-Err.png Rune-Err

The largest galaxy in the Telusian Group. The galaxy is fairly metal-poor despite being equal in age to the Via Sagittaria. This causes nations residing in it to use more biotechnology as heavy metals are expensive.

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The Occult Galaxy (named for how it is heavily obscured by the Via Sagittaria's galactic disk from Earth ) is the largest galaxy under the control of the Neo-Terrans. It is the largest and most luminous galaxy in the Telusian Group and is visible to the unaided eye in most parts of the Local and Telusian Groups. The galaxy has 100 Billion stars, all of which are fully under the influence of the NTIH. These stars, however, all have extremely low metallicities. In fact, the metallicities are so low that materials such as heavy metals and transuranic elements have to be synthesized or imported from the satellite galaxies. The reason for this is entirely unknown.

Cerise Galaxy

Image Number of Stars Width Controllers Notes
Reich.jpg 200,000 3 Kilo-light-years NTIH.jpg NTIH

Drusidia.png Drusidia

Amme.jpg Amme

Naidaro.jpg Naidaro

Rune-Err.png Rune-Err

VrchVrch.jpg Vrch

Katam.jpg Katam

Mahou.jpg Mahou

The galaxy has the densest population and highest standard of living of any area in the N.T.I.H

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The Cerise Galaxy, while not the largest satellite of The Occult Galaxy, a title going to the Rune Galaxy (below), it is the closest galaxy to the Occult galaxy and the most important for the NTIH as a whole. Unlike Occult, Cerise has an average metallicity. With few native species, it was ideal for colonization. This relatively high metallicity made it so valuable entire wars with quintillions of deaths were fought for handfuls of systems. To this day, the galaxy the most heavily militarized location in the NTIH, losing this galaxy would mean losing access to the ever valuable metals present in it.

The treaties forming the NTIH splits the galaxy evenly among all of the major duchies. The galaxy is valuable, but it is also exceedingly small. With only two-hundred thousand stars, the galaxy has been entirely colonized since very early in Neo-Terran history. It has a population of almost one octillion, making it the second highest population for a Neo-Terran galaxy second only to the much larger Occult Galaxy.

The Cerise galaxy is a center of diplomacy and limited tourism. Non-humanoid species are permitted to visit the galaxy solely for diplomatic purposes. Officials wanting to negotiate with the Hegemony will meet on luxury worlds with standards of living found nowhere else across the hegemony. Outward appearances are incredibly valuable to the NTIH. Hannibal and Petra and two important worlds in this galaxy.

Rune Galaxy

Image Number of Stars Width Controllers Notes
Scr00077.jpg 13 Billion 17 killo-light-years Rune-Err.png Rune-Err This galaxy is the largest galaxy orbiting The Occult Galaxy. Its average metallicity is moderately higher than the Occult galaxy's, meaning that there are more rocky planets and more planets bearing life.

Main Article: Rune Galaxy

The Rune Galaxy is the largest satellite of the Occult Galaxy. Similar to the Magellanic Clouds, this galaxy has a close and similarly sized companion named "Err." The galaxy was named for the large numbers of symbols found on ruins throughout it, ruins that are likely Sedruan in origin, although some archeologists speculate they came from The Triumvirate as they bear resemblance to the symbols found in other places controlled by them. The runes found throughout the galaxy, some of which take up entire planets, were likely arranged in a circle several hundred thousand years ago, with varying orbits and asteroid strikes destroying most of the original ring. Extensive studies have gone into the runes, but little is known about them.

As the center of the Rune-Err Duchy, this galaxy has a large population as well as significant infrastructure. It's 13 billion stars are rapidly being colonized and will likely give rise to the first type III duchy in the N.T.I.H, with the other duchies catching up within several centuries. The galaxy has the largest connection to the Intergalactic Gateway Network compared to all other galaxies in the Occult Sub-group, which is still not that much at only 5. One leading to outside of Aylothn, two leading to the Occult Galaxy, one leading to the center of the Via Sagittaria, and one heavily damaged gateway leading to the Flower Galaxy. The most prominent planet in the galaxy is Sharotte, the center of wormhole travel from the Hegemony to other places.

Err Galaxy

Image Number of Stars Width Controllers Notes
Err.jpg 975 Million 9 kilo-light-years Rune-Err.png Rune-Err The second galaxy controlled by the Duchy of Rune-Err. The galaxy is home to large numbers of ruins similar to its companion, Rune.

The Err Galaxy is the second-largest satellite of the Occult Galaxy, only surpassed by Err. Individuals born in the galaxy are far more likely to possess Psychokinetic abilities, meaning that they are capable of interacting with many of the ruins effectively. This class of individual is highly sought after across the local universe, but especially in the barren Occult subgroup. Large numbers of artifacts were refitted to be used by these "chosen" individuals (Individuals that often called Magi in human languages). Individuals possessing psychokinetic abilities are often deported to this galaxy to keep knowledge of the practice as secret as possible. Many of those deported to the galaxy are drafted and become either a part of the Runic military of the Neo-Terran military as elite units.

Ryutt Galaxy

Image Number of Stars Width Controllers Notes
Ryutt.jpg 199 Million 3 kilo-light-years NTIH.jpg NTIH

Katam.jpg Katam

VrchVrch.jpg Vrch
Unaffiliated Territory
Omnite.png Omnite Operatives

The galaxy is the center of the Katam Duchy. Historically, it has been one of the most diverse and also turbulent regions of the Hegemony and still is. Vrch and Katam and currently suppressing rebellions within it funded by Omnite operatives.

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The Ryutt Galaxy is a fairly minor player on the intergalactic stage. It is the center of the Duchy of Katam while also having significant territory belonging to the Seigniory of Vrch. The dwarf galaxy has always been fairly unstable, especially with it's three intergalactic gateways leading to various places in the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. While most governments don't particularly care about the galaxy, independent organizations have taken full advantage of the gateways. Omnite, a group of individuals that believe it is morally abhorrent to let primitive civilizations remain as such, absolutely despise the NTIH. Given the NTIH's record of mistreating non-humanoid species, this hate makes sense. Omnite operatives often have no qualms about giving their lives to save many, leading many to recklessly attack Neo-Terran positions with no regard for their safety. At this point, they control 12% of the galaxy and have created a coalition of many now-advanced species simply calling itself "Omnite."

The rest of the galaxy has historically been unstable, with four duchies historically occupying it. During the War of the Ancients, the duchies finally reunited under the banner of Katam. The three areas of white represents the largest of these nations. While the major nations were united, the galaxy itself remained under the control of unrecognized warlords and, recently, organizations fleeing the Aylothn-Sagittaria Group. The galaxy is almost entirely a frontier galaxy and the fact that the weakest duchy is tasked with patrolling all of this territory alone does not help with this fact.

Other Galaxies

Other galaxies under the control of the Hegemony are listed below. Each of these galaxies have less than one million stars and are all fairly minor.

Name Stars Controllers
Miller Galaxy 874,000 Drusidia.png Drusidia
Nijinde Galaxy 743,000 Amme.jpg Amme / Drusidia.png Drusidia
Hierophant Galaxy 512,000 Drusidia.png Drusidia
Byoyo Galaxy 129,000 VrchVrch.jpg Vrch
Nieli Galaxy 104,000 Rune-Err.png Rune-Err / VrchVrch.jpg Vrch
C'cavt Galaxy 94,000 Naidaro.jpg Naidaro
Fretlect Galaxy 51,000 Rune-Err.png Rune-Err
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