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Basic Scheme of the Nephos Arm

The Nephos Arm is one of the main five arms of the Lewis Galaxy, a galaxy located in Herschel Space. The Nephos Arm is located in between the Horos Arm on the outer parts of the galaxy and the Miaris Arm towards the inner parts of the galaxy. is divided into several segments and is part of the Nations known as the Empire of Mankind, the Union, the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance, the Arati Clans, the Murban State and several Krizik and Aldorian Nations making it one of the most diverse of all the galactic arms.

Around 300 Billion stars and systems are located in this arm making it very densely populated. However about 200 billion of them are located within the inner sections of the Galactic arm where most of the inhabitants are as well. It covers all of the four galactic quadrants. Its estimated population is unknown but must be in the order of 11 sextilions or more.

The trajectory of the Galactic Arm through the sectors goes as follow: From it's birth in the Inner Quadrant of Yedra (in Federal Territory), it follows through the Inner Tirso Quadrant, the Inner Rudara Quadrant, the Inner Okaia Quadrant and then back into the Yeda Quadrant transitioning this time to the Outer Yedra Quadrant where it finally ends. Most of the area of this arm lies within the Rudara, Okaia and Yedra Quadrants.

Regions and Segments

Imperial Nephos Arm

This segment of Nephos, known as the Imperial Segment is a large part of the inner area of the galactic arm. It is the most populated and by far the segment with most starts. About half of all systems and starts are located within this segment. It is usually subdivided unofficially into two areas the Imperial Nephos Arm which covers most of the Imperial segment in the Union and the Empire and the Core Nephos Arm which is the closest section of the Imperial Nephos arm to the core and that is located in Federal Territory instead.


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Odril Nephos Arm

Located between the inner Imperial Segment and the outer Ikra Segment, the Odril Nephos Arm (also known as Odril Segment) is the second most populated and densily reach area of the galactic arm. It is mostly dominated by the Intergalactic Federation territory but the Murban has also certain importance with many systems under their jurisdiction.


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Ikra Nephos Arm

By far the most diverse of the segments of the Nephos arm and of all segments in the Lewis Galaxy. Ikra is located in the outermost section of Nephos and is the least dense in start systems due to that. However, the boundaries of Ikra are divided by the territories of the Intergalactic Federation, the United Alliance, the Arati State and Krizik and Aldorian nations.


  • Deuris Region: Mainly populated with Aldorians
  • Adaltus Shroud
  • Teralti Region: Under Arati Control
  • Vilax Region: Almost entirely under United Territory
  • Gurdia Region: Federal territory
  • Nikrix Sector: Mostly inhabited by Krizik

Nations within the Arm

Intergalactic Federation

Some of the most populated and crucial worlds of the Intergalactic Federation are located in the Odril Segment of the Nephos Arm. This segment is almost exclusively under the Federal territory. On top of it, the Federation also controls areas of the Ikra Segment in the outer segment of the Nephos Arm and most of the inner core of the Nephos arm in the Imperial Segment (which is subdivided as the Nephos Core Segment). This makes the Federation the largest area holder in the Nephos Arm.

The Union

The Inner Imperial Segment is under the control of the Union which is kept using the Imperial Nephos Arm name out, oddly enough. The Imperial Segment is one of the most populated arms within the Union, if not the most populated and holds the most important worlds of the nation, including it's capital, Issos and the second most important world in the Union, the world of Tarsus which acts as a secondary capital.

Empire of Mankind

The Empire has total control of most of the outer Imperial Segment of the Nephos Arm. Most of their most important and populated worlds are located within this region. It actually gets its name because of the Empire, that named it when the first imperial settlers reached the worlds of the segment. It is the second most populated and important Arm of the Empire and holds almost a third of its population in the Lewis Galaxy.

United Alliance

The United Alliance controls a large portion of the Ikra segment, mostly on the Aldatus Shroud and the Vilax Region. Most of the population here are Aldorians and Krizik who joined the United Alliance alongside some human worlds of the U.A.

The Arati Clans

Mostly located within the Teralti Region in the Ikra segment of the Nephos Arm, they have settled in the region since almost before humans or other species arrived into Ikra. The Gurdia region has also several native populations of xeno that are under Arati control.

Krizik Stratocracy

Only present in the Ikra segment. Being the most advanced of all the Krizik nations, it was the first one to crack the technology to travel through stable wormholes. This allowed them to settled the Lewis Galaxy. It didnt take long to be joined by the Aldorians and make contact with the Humans. Relations with Humans have been tense or friendly through the millennia. Several of its settled worlds joined the United Alliance when this was formed.

Aldorian High Kingdom

The Aldorians of the Kingdom are the main settlers of this sector of the Aldorian Space, the Ikra Segment. They have settled many worlds in the center of the Ikra territory. Many of their early colonies in the nearby arms seceeded from the Kingdom to join the United Alliance, which as ever since endure a sort of cold war with the High Kindom. Several worlds of high importance for the Kingdom are placed here.

Aldorian Dominium

A big player within the Ikra Segment, the Aldorian Dominium was one of the first to reach the Ikra Segment and settled several worlds within it. They had a state of alert with the Humans surrounding them but through the millennia relations have warmed up. Many of it's colonies ended up joining the United Alliance which brought massive unrest to the Dominium.

Aldorian Hegemony

The third largest player of the Aldorians in the Ikra segment, it settled many worlds bordering the Krizik. This nation also saw many of its early colonies join the United Alliance, but the Hegemony accepted it better than the Dominium and the High Kingdom, having prosperous relations with its former colonies and the Human nations.

Aldorian League

Just as quickly as the other Aldorian nations began settling in the Lewis Galaxy, the Inosh of the League began sending their massive comercial fleets to trade in the Aldorian Space. Rarely seen outside of it, they often crossed for commerce into Federal and United Alliance's territory after obtaining trade permits. Few systems in Lewis have been settled by them, but those that have act as commercial bases of operation for their massive ships.

Aldorian Assembly of Clans

Honorary mentioned, the Assembly of clans is very loosely present in the Nephos Arm located in the outermost systems and most isolated and less visited worlds of the Aldorian space in the Lewis Galaxy or even beyond as they dont respect national borders. This Aldorians are found mostly in the Ikra segment but sightings have been present in the Odril Segment indicating that at least a couple bases exists. Uhara raids are uncommon but happen from time to time.


Important Planets