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"Why the hell would you willingly live here?!" - Nestopsian Soldier


Nestopsis, also known as Nestops, is a rocky planet located in the Magnillion Sector of the Jewel Cluster of the Eulciar Galaxy in Amoemi Space. The rocky planet has been part of the Federation for Years and is well known as a staging ground for the Federation Starfleet in their war against the NJSA (Northern Jewel Systems Alliance). Apart from the high military presence, Nestopsis itself is very bland, with very little vegetation and animal life but it is still a very important member of the Federation.

Nestopsis is small, at around 9,650 kilometers in diameter, and has a ring of ice asteroids surrounding it, caused by the collision of 2 moons. Coincidentally, these ice asteroids are the main source of water on the world, apart from oasis scattered across the planet, and a large concentration of green in the south pole.


Bestosis is the sole moon of Nestopsis, with a small population of 54,000 individuals. Most of the moon is desolate, and the sole area of habitation is the military bases and cities surrounding Bestopsis City, where all the population lives. It is the Headquarters of the Nestops System Defense Forces.

Bestopsis from orbit

Bestopsis from orbit.

Bestopsis City, with Nestopsis in the Background