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The New Terran Calendar is a standard international calendar of the Terran Bubble, one which is utilized by most civilizations and recognized by most, if not all, individuals. The New Terran Calendar is marked by the foundation of the United Terran Federation, the first human civilization to expand into interstellar domains following the Aa'mal Genocide. Initially, the calendar saw little use, but after a decade of Ether War, its relevance grew as people began to view the United Terran Federation more favorably than ever before.

The New Terran Calendar has twelve months, each with a different number of days, typically ranging from twenty-eight to thirty-one. Theras' day-lengths are used for international dating, but many worlds have developed their own months. A standard day is twenty-four standard hours long, while a week is seven days long.

Dates after the United Terran Federation's formation begin with TF, and dates prior begin with BTF. The New Terran Calendar began in 98,002 CE, thus making the current year 1,998 TF. The months in the New Terran Calendar are named after the United Terran Federation's twelve founding fathers:

  • Month 1: Allercia
  • Month 2: Rhyne
  • Month 3: Tindal
  • Month 4: Zemke
  • Month 5: Calder
  • Month 6: Desai
  • Month 7: Lexan
  • Month 8: Cantos
  • Month 9: Hyden
  • Month 10: Amell
  • Month 11: Wardson
  • Month 12: Cooper