"One of the Thirteen Founding Worlds of The Intergalactic Federation, it is one of the most important and definitely the richest planet in the entire nation. All money and trade comes through here either directly or indirectly. Your savings and mine are manage from this tiny planet in the middle of the void, and all this money is invested in producing technology and research for the advancement of all. Everyone wants to come enjoy the wealth seen here. Plus, its urban life and its rural countryside add to its beauty." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Nexon is a Terran World of the E-Class type, located in the Akai Nebulae, in the Lewis Galaxy, and deep into Herschel Space. It is located in the Larin System and is one of the Thirteen Founding planets of The Intergalactic Federation, being the richest and one of the most important among the founders, regarded as a symbolic planet for all the citizens in the I.F

This planet is the Fourth Planet to be settled by refugees from the Empire during the War between the Empire of Mankind and the Union. It is also one of the most populated in the Federation and the Galaxy. It's the second in terms of population, behind Elysium and slightly above Aurora. The planet started as the main technological productor, and soon turned into a financial and trade hub in the country. It is the wealthiest and richest planet in the Federation, and holds all the financial institutions of the nation such as the central banks, the main stock exchange, trade centers, service related industries, entertainment and high tech. Most of the more advanced weapons and technologies in the Federation are designed here. This is why Nexon has been nicknamed "the Iron World" or "The Money World"

The people from this planet are money driven. They, like business and the cities in this world are full of skyscrapers, banks, and other several companies that operate intergalactically. It's very dynamic on its economy and in terms of employment, with an important rise in the influx of internal and external immigrants in other to get a very well paid job. If it wasn't for its environmental policies that stop massive urbanization, the planet could easily end up becoming an ecumenopolis in the years to come. Its cities are massive and very modern and technologically advance, being a point of pioneer advancements in many fields.

Nexians are urbanite for the most part, and they are experts in city life, fashion, entertainment and others. However, the landscapes of Nexon is also among the most beautiful in the Akai Nebulae, with massive amounts of tourist flowing here every year to see them. The agricultural sector is small, but still, beautiful farms and rural idyllic life can be found here. Still, massive cities cover large areas, extending throughout various thousands and thousands of miles. This balance is what makes Nexon very attractive to people.

One of the Business and Banking Districts in the City of Akira

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