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"One of the Thirteen Founding Worlds of The Intergalactic Federation, it is one of the most important and definitely the richest planet in the entire nation. All money and trade comes through here either directly or indirectly. Your savings and mine are manage from this tiny planet in the middle of the void, and all this money is invested in producing technology and research for the advancement of all. Everyone wants to come enjoy the wealth seen here. Plus, its urban life and its rural countryside add to its beauty." - Miriam Ulrich, Parlamentarian

Nexon is a terran world located in the Akai Nebulae. It is located in the Larin System and is one of the Thirteen Founding planets of The Intergalactic Federation, being the richest and one of the most important among the founders, regarded as a symbolic planet for all the citizens in the I.F

This planet is the Fourth Planet to be settled by refugees from the Empire during the War between the Empire of Mankind and the Union. It is also one of the most populated in the Federation and the Galaxy. It's the second in terms of population, behind Elysium and slightly above Aurora. The planet started as the main technological productor, and soon turned into a financial and trade hub in the country. It is the wealthiest and richest planet in the Federation, and holds all the financial institutions of the nation such as the central banks, the main stock exchange, trade centers, service related industries, entertainment and high tech. Most of the more advanced weapons and technologies in the Federation are designed here. This is why Nexon has been nicknamed "the Iron World" or "The Money World"

The people from this planet are money driven. They, like business and the cities in this world are full of skyscrapers, banks, and other several companies that operate intergalactically. It's very dynamic on its economy and in terms of employment, with an important rise in the influx of internal and external immigrants in other to get a very well paid job. If it wasn't for its environmental policies that stop massive urbanization, the planet could easily end up becoming an ecumenopolis in the years to come. Its cities are massive and very modern and technologically advance, being a point of pioneer advancements in many fields.

Nexians are urbanite for the most part, and they are experts in city life, fashion, entertainment and others. However, the landscapes of Nexon is also among the most beautiful in the Akai Nebulae, with massive amounts of tourist flowing here every year to see them. The agricultural sector is small, but still, beautiful farms and rural idyllic life can be found here. Still, massive cities cover large areas, extending throughout various thousands and thousands of miles. This balance is what makes Nexon very attractive to people.


The planet was colonized by refugees of the Imperial-Unionist War, many of whom fled to the Akai Nebula in search of protection to settled several habitable worlds in it. One of this worlds was Nexon and alongside twelve others in the Nebula, formed the Thirteen Founding Planets of the Intergalactic Federation (previously known as the Lewis Federation).


  • Hoxana

This continent is the second largest in the Planet and holds the City of Akira, the largest in the planet. It is located in the delta od the Zuna River, the longest river in the planet. The Zuna valley covers the majority of the Hoxana continent, forming mountains in a square form along the Valley. This means that the shores are marginally populated or habitable due to embossment of the terrain. The population is thus concentrated over the central valley and mostly across the riverbends of the Zuna river.

Originally an agrarian spot of the planet, its inhabitants soon turn themselves to accounting, banking and other financial aspects. Many turned as well to commerce. First alongside the Zuna River, afterwards all over the planet, then comerciants all over the thirteen worlds and finally all over the Intergalactic Federation. This financial spot made nexon one of the wealthiest worlds in the nation and its population is regarded as one of the richest. However, all this wealth has attracted many illegal migrants who live in the outskirt cities of the Zuna Bassin. This cities are the center of many illegal activities and even the Farshlag Syndicate.

  • Ellenderin

This continent, known for its beauty is the third largest of the continents in the planet. It is home to City of Ossana. The continent is divided in several bahias and penninsulas. In one of those large penninsulas, in one of the bays lies the large city of Ossana which holds about 8 Billion inhabitants. This region is known for its manufacturing of spacecraft products, but most notably by its insurance assets and other financial products. The interior of the continent is idylic and has large mansions for the wealthy and small towns who produce luxury agricultural products. However, what the rest of the continent and its cities are known for is the large entertainment industry that is produced here. Large studios, films and other industries to entertain the population all over the planet have devellopped here.

  • Lothan

Located within the Northen pole regions, it has a large triangular branch of land towards the south that is the main area where the population is located. The city of Isana is the largest with about 3 Billion inhabitants. The continent is based on mineral extraction and based raw material hoever the city of Isana, the continet's capital, produce as well many technological appliances and machinery. High-tech is one of the main sectors that move the economy of the city alongside robotics. The rest of the continent is based on mining, cattle, energy production and agriculture. The northern you go in the triangular shape of the continent the more you are faced with tundra and steppe, but most of the Energy and minery is produced there. The more you go south the better the conditions. However most of the continent is a lush prairie of high grass with some scattered forests and mountains. This perfectly suits cattle raising and minor agricultural explotations.

  • Idiana

It's the largest and most populated continent in Nexon. It has a set of low land plains that cover most of the Southwestern regions descending there from the Melessian Mountains. This large fertile region was one of the first to be colonized and it soon began to be urbanized, holding important cities like Leida with about 10 Billion inhabitants. Across the Melessian Mountains lays a large variety of terrain. The forests are famous touristic attractions but this area of the continent is mostly known for its large rustic mansions and extensive farm plantations. The Lakes, most notably the Holmen Lake and the Vinira Lake are the end of the large rivers who cross this inland area from the Melessian Mountains, irrigating all the region into fertile soil that serves to feed the population of the planet. The Lakes are popular touristic destinations and many Luxury hotels and other entertainment industries have developped here. The largest city is Shalai, with over 1 billion inhabitants. It is located next to the Vinira Lake shores but extending itself all the way to the Holmen lake nearby. This lake are huge, so much so, that they seem small seas. Tourism, entertainment, Luxury, fishing and agriculture are the main economic drives of the region. The southern shores of Idiana are however not very habitable as they are made of large cliffs. The Easternmost coast is idilic and many choose to retire here, due to its less exploited appearance. The region is mostly agricultural.

  • Tugaur

Lying within the southern pole it is made of an archipelago of large islands, most of whom are covered in ice. Those who arent and lie closer to the equator, have a decent amount of flora and fauna and a lush verdant climate. The continent is known for the city of Rodias with 4 billion inhabitants, which is located within an itshmus between two large islands, expanding not only over the isthmus but to the nearby islands and over the sea. It has one of the largest algae plantations which makes the city a center of agricultural, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products in the planet. All the continent's economy has a big reliance on algae production and fishing due to its terrain condition. However, this is far from the only thing that they produce. We should not forget that the economy of the continent is based mostly on pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and to a minor extend to energy, drinkable water, financial assets and mining as well. To these, we have to add a large net of commercial connections, who were stablished within the cities in the archipielago long time ago. This creaded the Turgaur league, one of the most powerful comercial alliances in the planet, capable of rival the commerciants of the Zuna river bassin in the city of Akira.

Main Cities and Districts

  • Akira

The largest city in the planet, it has a total population of 12 Billion inhabitants. This city is the financial center of the planet and lies within the continent of Hoxana, very close to the alien and humanoid sectors of Anki and Olom with whom it forms a large urban area of population. In Akira large buildings and high up streets are found with a frenetic rythm of its inhabitants who are hardworking and metodic in their ways. It is the base for the National Bank of the Intergalactic Federation. The Federal bank here is so large that holds up to a total of 30 buildings covering an area of more than 20km2. It is even estimated that about 12% of the population of Akira works in the National bank.

  • Leida

The second largest city, it is located on the soft plains of Idiana next to the Melessian mountains. The city covers a large area and its economy is based mostly on high-tech, financial assets, insurance companies and even IA production and robotics. The stock exchange is located within this city and alonside Akira, they not only hold most of the population in Nexon but most of the economy being the two financial poles of the planet and by extention, the nation. Leida has a small xeno district, called Golima, which holds about 100 million xeno and 200 million humanoids. Most of the city is filled with large building, nightlife clubs, bars and other entertainment for the wealth. Large floating routes cover the skies of Leida as well. Its arquitecture and Leidan taste is very much fashioned all over the planet and the nation. Contrary to Akira, the city has been planned better and with a more beautiful arquitectural style which has made Leida seem cooler than the larger and more industrious Akira.

  • Ossana

As much as Leida, Ossana is considered a very beautiful spot and less crowded than the major two city-regions. Ossana is known for being a place for the famous actors and actresses to live in. As well, the continent where it is located is known for being idylic and beautiful and its people hold large textile and fashion companies that are desired all over Nexon. It has been well planed and the center is filled with one of the best nightlifes in the planet and some of the best cuisine and restaurants. The cuisine of this continent, and thus the city, is famous.

  • Isana

Known for its ruthless atitude, most of Nexons would consider the Isanans as hardworking and beautiful people, with one of the sexiest accents in Nexon. Not a place most want to move, but is considered to be a place were money can be made fast. Many spacecraft pilots come from here and definitely many robotics used all over Nexon and abroad are manufactured here. Thus, the people of Isana are considered smart and technological folks. Sometimes even called "with a metal soul" by others.

  • Rodias

This city known for its cosmetics and farmaceuticals is known as well for its acuatic sort of lifestyle. It's people are considered to have a soft low voice accent and are known for being cold, or so they say. The inhabitants of this city do not live with luxury but are far from being poor. They value a simpler way of live than most inhabitants in Nexon which are famous for their extravant livestyles and filthy wealth.

  • Anki City

Due to a specific law, the Law of Human Living Space, very few xeno are allowed to live in Nexon or any of the Thirteen worlds, as they are included in the Human national worlds who are reversed to this species. Other Xeno worlds have similar laws to protect their own space and the Federation allows it in order to preserve cultures and ways of live in those worlds. However, due to the Capital status of this thirteen worlds within the Federation, they have special cities on the planets were they can reside or stay while they visit the capital worlds.

In the case of Nexon, this city is called Anki, which merges with adjacent cities to form a large aglomeration. So much so, that Anki is referred to as a district rather than a city on its own. About 30 to 40 different Xeno species live in this area with a total population of 300 million. Illegal xeno migrants may account for as much as 25 million. Most of the Xeno living here due so because they work for the government, usually in financial aspects or are merchants who have commercial deals with Nexon. A large amount are temporary visitors and others work to serve the xeno needs of the people that live in Anki.

  • Olom City

Olom is the equivalent of Anki, and literally is located nearby. This city lives in a vacuum in the law, as those who inhabited are not Xeno but humanoids who have evolved in their respective homeworlds and do not longer look completely human. This means they do not qualify to live within the Human Living Space but its restriction to travel or even live outside Olom are less restricted. In fact is common to see sometimes humanoids walking outside Olom city. However, most humanoids reside in here regardless of where they move during the day. It has a total population of about 210 million.

One of the Business and Banking Districts in the City of Akira