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Nicholas Fairwinter, also known as Father Lyumaynalia, the Giftgiver, the Toymaker and the Winter Wizard is a male member of the Inomeni race, the Elmagi, who appeared on Haven's eastern continent of Rahmiel in the year 240 YM. Nicholas is heralded as one of the most ubiquitous figures across the whole of the civilized world, as the holiday in which he would ultimately father, Lyumaynalia, would be celebrated by nearly all the peoples of the world, regardless of faith, race, or nationality. As well, due to the special place he has in the hearts of nearly everyone worldwide, fostered at such an early age, the Winter Wizard has endured for thousands of years as a hero to all, to a degree very few else in the world's history can hope to achieve. He has wandered the face of the world for over two thousand years, and every twenty-first of the month Mavimyst's End, Nicholas Fairwinter traverses the settled world, delivering gifts to young children underneath an ornament set up in their homestead whilst they sleep.

Nicholas Fairwinter would be amongst the group of Elmagi known as the "Elder Wizards," who were sent to Haven throughout the Third Century by their Typhonian creator, Lyumayin of Aetheriel. Lyumayin had sent the Elmagi to Haven, in the hopes that his children Inomeni would be able to direct the course of the remerging world's history towards a better path. However, the vast majority of the Elder Wizards deviated from this set course, instead, they would find their own lives amongst the peoples of the world, usually at odds with the wishes of their Typhonian creator. But Nicholas himself would remain true to Lyumayin, living by the God of Light's example, helping those along the line of betterment, teaching all who cared to hear the virtues of giving, family, love, and togetherness.

The holiday of Lyumaynaila, and Nicholas Fairwinter himself are inherent to one another. None can think of the holiday without having the Giftgiver's visage appear in the mind. While none can think of the Toymaker himself without having the holiday of Lyumaynaila associated with it, as he spends the majority of the year within his workshop on the northernmost continent of Rahmiel, tirelessly compiling the material wishes of every boy and girl of the world into a lengthy list, only to fulfill their little heart's desires come the twenty-first of Mavimyst's End, so his influnce on the world is only felt on Lyumatnaila day, as is in line with the majority of his efforts are focused on.

Alongside serving as one of the most famous figures of the world, the Winter Wizard holds the distinctive honor as one of the most powerful beings to inhabit the planet, able to near-instantly traverse the whole of the world with minimum effort, as well as being able to shape the land and weather to reflect whatever he desires. Despite his immense power, however, Nicholas Fairwinter prior to his coming to Haven had sworn to his lord Lyumayin that he would never take up arms against any being of Haven, and has thus remained a staunch pacifist, unable to intervene in conflicts that engulf the lives of millions. In line with this pacifism, Nicholas has on several occasions attempted to mitigate conflicts that arose across the world, unfortunately almost always resulting in failure. However, as a result of Lyumayin's decree, Nicholas is unable to directly interfere once a conflict has erupted, unable to even spirit away others to safety, as he is wholly bound to his lord's word, despite the sorrow it brings to his heart.

The existence of the Winter Wizard has been contentious throughout the multiple millennia in which he inhabited the world, as his non-interfering nature in the world's stage has raised many an eyebrow, and those questioning how true his high morality really is, for if he cares so deeply for the most innocent, and holds love in his heart for all who live, then his refusal to save the lives of innocents would be a direct contradiction to this. However, these opinions are only held by the citizenry of the collective world powers, as all nations of Haven are fully aware of Nicholas Fairwinter's existence, and have oftentimes tried to persuade the Elmagi to their side, or even execute him, though neither has had any success.

In the modern era, Nicholas Fairwinter has joined the Emerald Corps division of the Champions of Haven, a group of superpowered heroes dedicated to the protection of the world. Originally, Nicholas was against the idea of joining the group, fearing that, while their intentions were indeed good, the fact that they often take the lives of those who threaten the safety of the world meant that they were against his lord's wishes for pacifism. However, once he had learned that he could join as a non-combatant member of the Emerald Corps, only serving as an informant for the Champions, Nicholas would swiftly accept. and has thus far faithfully served as one of the most important members within the entire organization, providing the Champions of Haven with extremely vital information about their operations, as he is one of the most knowledgeable in all the world of its geography and history. Though this information can only be bestowed to his allies in a general past-tense, as while he is always aware of the goings-on of the entire world at any given moment, he is unable to give this information to them as that would directly lead to conflict, be it immediately, or later down the line.



Like the rest of his Elmagi brethren, Nicholas Fairwinter appears as a well-rotund Mythra man, with pale-white skin, bright blue eyes, a head of snow-white hair, and a long, thick beard sharing the same white pigmentation. His face, almost always bearing an ear-to-ear smile, and his cheeks have a rosy red appearance, and his bright blue-eyes alight, as if he is about to erupt in joyous laughter at any given moment in the day, it is as if he is innocent in flesh. Throughout the centuries he has inhabited the world however, his true physical appearance has changed slightly from time to time, most notably in regards to the length of his hair and beard, as he oftentimes changes the style in which he presents himself. Due to being so rarely seen, Nicholas' is depicted very differently between artistic interpretations across the world, depicting him with different skin tones, or even entirely different races, sometimes depicting him as a woman. Nicholas himself is well aware of how the interpretation of his appearance can vary depending on region, and finds the wild variation in art extremely amusing.

While he wears a variety of different clothing depending on the day, his most famous attire is a long robe of fine silk with various inlace patterns, typically in a bright red coloration, red also being the color in which he dawns every Lyumaynaila day, with large white fur cuffs at the end of the sleeves. However, he has been known to dawn other colors throughout the year, most prevalent being blue and green, however colors such as purple, silver, and tan have also adorned his hefty frame in the past. His most famous piece of attire is that atop his head, at nearly all times throughout the year is a large stocking cap, with a white fur outlining the cap and a small white fur puff ball at the end, so endemic to the Giftgiver that the stocking cap garment in totality has been associated with Nicholas Fairwinter worldwide. However, on occasion, he has been known to wear a crown made of mistletoe simple cloth hood over his head. As well, it has been noted that he oftentimes wears reading glasses, despite the fact he doesn't actually need them, for the simple fact he enjoys how they look on him. Along with the glasses, he is almost always smoking from a pipe carved from fine maple wood, smoking a variety of herbs, mainly forms of artic tobacco he cultivates in his workshop's gardens. Other less prevalent items seen on his person include pieces of mistletoe, small pine branches, and wreaths decorated with typical Lyumaynaila day bells and ribbons

Asides from his clothing, Nicholas Fairwinter is always seen carrying an icen wizard's staff by the name of the "North-Star," a magical artifact of such immense mystical energy, it could affect the entire planet tens of thousands of times over. With North-Star, the Winter Wizard channels his immense magical power to cast his variety of spells, mainly his ability to control the weather, communication with animals, and traverse the world instantaneously to every young boy and girl's home on Lyumaynaila day. Alongside North-Star, his second most famous item is his magic toy sack, contained within is its own pocket dimension of near-infinite extent, able to contain the millions of toys handcrafted by the Toymaker, alongside the multitude of baked sweets, breads, and candies he prepares for them all.

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Nicholas Fairwinter's personality paints the picture of a joyous, honest, and good man, who only ever wants to bring a smile to the faces of all those he interacts with. Utterly in love with the world around him, Nicholas spends every day wondering the planet, watching from a distance as collective peoples of Haven live their daily lives, taken aback by the great deeds of love, compassion, and friendship he sees each and every day. Particularly, Nicholas' finds that the children of the world are the purest thing to inhabit Haven, as they are uncorrupted and innocence incarnate, and with just the right guidance, any child could grow to become a good person, a benefit to those around them, or even a great hero to the entire world. Thus, he would dedicate the efforts bestowed to him by his Lord to the development of the virtues of giving, selflessness, compassion, love, and family within the hearts of children.

Underneath this overwhelming kind and friendly exterior, however, he has, on occasion, been very stern, and sometimes even wrathful to certain individuals, especially those who question his non-interfering nature in regards to world events, and acts of evil committed against the innocent, as it is not for mortals to question the will of the all-mighty Lord of Light, and those who openly criticize the path of pacifistic enlightenment. As well, if one was to violate the sanctity of his woods, he would respond in anger, cursing the name of the one who has crossed his peaceful lands and sending them back to whence they came.

Along with his love of the peoples of the planet, he also takes a keen interest in the creatures that inhabit the world, as the love for the animal fills every corner of his gigantic heart. From the smallest of wolf pups, to the mightiest of great dragons, the Winter Wizard will befriend each he sees, spending a bulk of his day doing nothing but enjoying the company of beast. His love for animals extends so deep that when the endless daily hunts committed against them by the peoples of the world crosses his all-seeing eyes, he can't help but become frustrated, however, as it is not his place to dictate the lives of mortals, he is unable to intervene, though he wishes one day the world would adopt a solely green diet. However, within his own woods, he will not stand for his animals to be harmed, and any who attempt to do so shall be teleported away from Ruhiel entirely to either the continents of Bariquel, or Rahmiel.

The single most prevalent part of his character would be his undying devotion to his divine creator, the God of Light, Lyumayin. Swearing a Soul Oath to him at the moment of his creation, living every waking moment he has lived in all his nine thousand years, Nicholas Fairwinter lives by the Highest Father's example, only ever acting in service to others, guiding those who seek it to the lessons of compassion, love, and goodness, giving praise to his creator for every second he exists. Once being selected by his Lord to be the fourth Elmagi to guide the people who seek them out, he would act upon Lyumayin's will on Haven without even the slightest deviation.

However, this devotion to his God has had the repercussion that he is forever forbidden to ever directly intercede in the course of events in the world, only able to indirectly plant the seeds of the God of Light's will in the hearts of mortals, never to lead them directly to it. This has meant that for over two thousand years, Nicholas Fairwinter has been cursed to endure the knowledge of all evils occurring across the entire world at every given moment. If this all-consuming evil was placed upon a mortal mind, they would surely go mad, however, due to his Inomeni mind, he is able to cope with the immense pain that the curse of knowledge brings to his heart, lessening that pain by focusing on the good mortals commit every day rather than the vile, as well as continuing his Lord's wishes through his holiday.