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Nilus (known popularly as Nilunia) is amongst one of the most famed galaxies in the Cosmos, due to its incredible and spectacular situation with other galaxies, Nilus is one of only two collection of galaxies in the local universe to be observed during mid-collision, and by far the more grand of the two. The nations within the three currently colliding galaxies experience contested scenarios amongst each other due to their recent neighbors being closer than ever. Nilus is made up of two spiral galaxies, with a small irregular galaxy that is to found between the two larger spirals. The galaxies are Binasa, Enedia, and the Anquish Cloud. Each of these galaxies were originally a part of different galactic neighborhoods, such as the Florathel Galaxy and the Eulciar Galaxy, and thus being close neighbors to the two.

The name "Nilus" was the name used by the humans, and the most popular name, and is used as its official name. But native species inside the galaxies have different names for them, for instance, the Lumu know it as Nilunia, and the Irosians know it as Nekku, and the now long extinct Adenai knew it as Grath Rynhaya.

Galactic Regions

Anquish Cloud


Binasa's core is considered safe to beings, but it has had a rough history, from marauders, to dangerous anomalies. The core, however, is completely safe from harm.


The Core of Enedia is a nevertheless incredibly bright region of space, to the point where it becomes blinding while inside of the core. The reason is because of the extremely bright Galactic Nucleus at the core, known as the New Eden Catalyst. From inside the core, the sky appears blinding white. Even from 'above' the core, the area is a very bright light source.

Other regions

Graveyard Region

The Parnathis Loop

Forgotten Space

Forgotten Space is the nickname given to the outer halo of Nilus, and where the remains of stars and planets lie, hence the name. The Embed Collective also has a significant presence here, since the region is hardly ever visited, the android nation is able to hide itself here. Forgotten Space also is where the Paylaan Super Starcluster is located, this behemoth of a star cluster spans over 500 Light Years in diameter and contains over 10 Million stars, and is the largest starcluster in Nilus.

Terran Bubble

The Terran Bubble, located in one of Enedia's outer arms, is a small but complex and prosperous interstellar region. The Terran Bubble is minuscule on galactic maps, spanning only a few hundred light-years and containing around one million stars. The Terran Bubble is home to various civilizations, the largest of which is the United Terran Federation. Although humans are the main species in the region, other species such as Lumu and Zeth have also immigrated there.

Enedia Societal Zone

Galactic Halo


Anquish Cloud Map


New map coming soon

Binasa Map


Enedia Map



The Timeline of Nilus
Date Event Location
6,000,000,000 BCE The Anquish Cloud Forms Anquish Cloud/Nilus A
5,900,000,000 BCE Binasa and Enedia Form Binasa/Enedia/Nilus B and Nilus C
5,300,000,000 BCE All galaxies begin moving towards each other Binasa/Enedia/Nilus B and Nilus C
2,500,000,000 BCE All of Nilus's galaxies have entered each other's gravitational influence. Binasa/Enedia/Nilus B and Nilus C
1,500,000,000 BCE Nilus FInally Collides Binasa/Enedia/Nilus B and Nilus C
900,000,000 BCE The oldest known nation in Nilus, the Adenai is founded Anquish Cloud/Nilus A
900,000,000 BCE to 1,000,000 BCE During this time, the contact point at Binasa and Enedia becomes a natural zone of

chaos, where supernovae, and other cosmic dangers would occur, this is what the graveyard region would eventually become.

In between Binasa and Enedia




In the very distant future, Nilus is to become its final form after all three of the galaxies fully form. Nilus is predicted to become a large E4 Galaxy with a radius of approximately 200,000 light-years in diameter.


Nations of Nilus
Name Flag Location Capital Kardeshev Government type
Democratic Nations of Nilus
DNN Flag.png
Nilus Alenea ??? Intergovernmental Organization
Free Nation of Peria
Enedia/Nilus C Perias' Jewel 2.000 Democracy
Union of Sirkan Ethnic Republic
Sirka flag.png
Binasa/Nilus B Sirka Unknown Union
Mypasi Republic
Enedia/Nilus C Sheetu 2.920 Republic
Embed Collective
Embed Collective.png
Binasa/Nilus B EesthoU 2.041 Unknown
Enedia Polity ??? Enedia/Nilus C ??? ??? ???
Hope's Gate
Hope's Gate.png
Binasa/Nilus B Benefactor 2.331 Monarchy
Stoic Exclave
Enedia/Nilus C X'unGuL 2.010 Unknown
Yuilo Conglomerate
Enedia/Nilus C Titch 2.122 Conglomerate
Hypi Republic ??? Binasa/Nilus B Sebetistan ??? Republic
Harthis Commute
Flag of Harthis Commute.png
Binasa/Nilus B Harnali Socialist Dictatorship
Guild of External Power
Enedia/Nilus C Sanit 2.900 Guild

Wip table, more nations coming soon with flags

Major Worlds




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