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The Nisapa Strait is a pass conecting the Termula Region with the rest of the Lewis Galaxy. Thus the pass is located in this galaxy as well as in Herschel Space. It marks the frontier between the Plutocracy of Gish and the Empire of Mankind and has been a very militarized zone for millennia. However, militarization of the pass declined when the Plutocracy and the Empire became associates. In recent millenia militarization of the pass on behalf of the Empire has remained in place but the Plutocracy instead has slowly ease it's militarization of the area as the country moves towards extensive commerce.

The pass is a straight border by one side by the Mikos Void and the other side by the great void of space. The Nisapa pass is then a concentration of star systems very close to each other and thus easily defendable in case of attacks. The area is crossed by 3 hyperspace lanes. The main hyperspace lane crossing the pass is called the Nisapa Lane. This lane is easier to travel from the Termula Region outward than from the rest of the Galaxy inward, which gave the Plutocracy and advantage and also a shield to prevent invasion from the Empire.


The worlds of the straight were among the first to be discovered and explored within the Termula Region. Several exploration missions to the Termula region crossed through the straight discovering and mapping it extensively. They also discovered the hyperspace lanes of the region which was crucial later on to speed colonialization of the area.

The area remained uninhabited until the mass exodus to the Termula Region at the end of the Nobility War. This event that formed the Plutocracy change the Nisapa Strait as well. The first settlers arrived then and settled the world of Ihuna, which became the most important world in the Nisapa Straight and thus one of the most important in the Plutocracy controling most of the influx in and out of the Termula Region.

For most of the early history of the Plutocracy, the Nisapa Strait has acted as a barrier and first line of assault against the Empire. Nevertheless, it has been as well the main route of goods from the Empire inside the Region. This means that around 60 000 CE - 65 000 CE, the straight began to devellopped as a trading hub between both Nations, profiting commercially most of the area. It was in fact one of the key regions to iniciate the Rebellion against the nobility in 92 000 CE. This led to Ihuna and nearby worlds to be strongholds of the Rebellious side (Rich Merchants, Traders etc..)

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