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"The Nisrine Cloud - torn by war, mischief, and tyranny, only one thing was known in the realm of the serpents: The Nawians. They were all the people knew for so long, fully encapsulated inside the haven-turned-prison. It was until greed got the best of them did the DNF know that they weren't invincible. It was until new forces rose, taking back what is right in the name of liberty. It was only until we avenged the trillions of deaths of the martyrs and the victims, did they see any justice.

- Nisrine Mind, commenting on the history of the Nisrine Cloud.


The Nisrine Cloud, (Formerly known as the Serpent's Cloud, the Nebula of Revolutions, and Etheaunsk) is a relatively large nebulous cloud which hangs deep in the influence of the Aylothn Galaxy. The Nisrine Cloud is entirely operated by the Nisrine Collective (The Collective), an artificial superintelligence which formed a nation from the ashes of the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction (DNF). The Nisrine Collective is also associated heavily with the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, and is a member-nation of them. Nisrine Collective also claims all of the Nisrine Cloud, utilizing its millions of star systems for its personal use.

The name of the Nisrine Cloud derives from the Nisrine Collective, as the nebula was re-named after the subsequent defeat of DNF. Its former name, the Serpent Cloud, was given to it considering the sinister nature of DNF. The many wars, genocides, and cruelty, as well as the destruction of numerous worlds and sections of history have cemented this daunting name forever.

Many species inside the Nisrine Cloud have been wiped out by from the Dzar-Nawi Genocides, a tactic of superiority and dominance by DNF. Being an ongoing event for many millennia, the genocides grew in frequency with DNF, and as a result many of the old areas near DNF are completely sterilized of most multicellular life.

Major Points of Interest

The Nisrine Cloud holds numerous points of interest, in the forms of planets, moons, stations, and historical sites. These dot the area haphazardly, but are all connected through a system of wormhole gateways and Hyperlanes. Constructed and rebuilt by the Collective, the process of reconstruction has aided travel and many worlds. This has reformed them to become not only famous places of travel and tourism, but also as military, economic, and trade capitals.

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Description Nisrine is the largest economic trade center throughout the entire Nisrine Cloud, as well as the birthplace for the Nisrine Collective. The sapient species which once inhabited and brought back to this world was temporarily brought to near extinction by the DNF. Nisrine is also the most populated planet in the Nisrine Cloud, and its influence has attracted countless visitors from across the Commonwealth. TBA
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The Nisrine Cloud is thought to have formed by one of several massive explosions in the age of Sedruan colonization. Collisions fueled what would become the major star systems of life in the Nisrine Cloud, which culminated in the creation of sapient civilizations. Not much is known about sapient presence in the Nisrine Cloud in ancient times, other than what appears to be Sedruan colonization.

Eventually, as the millennia wore on Sedrua, their influence fell behind the Nisrine Cloud, leaving various defunct artifacts in its wake. With time, life flourished more, but not in its former over-reaching glory. More millennia came to pass, until the 52852 CE when a fleet of plutocrat refugee ships from the Lowzyol Federation arrived in the Nisrine Cloud. Seeking refuge as a way to rebuild corporatism, they immediately started to colonize and grow their own forces, forming a small and rather stable nation named the Usurpes Plutocracy of Etheaunsk (UPE). Relatively speaking, this nation thrived for many centuries, with the end goal of infiltrating the Commonwealth and slowly transforming things back to what they were.

However, with its newfound power, the Usurpes Plutocracy of Etheaunsk started to crack and the government, like last time, began to crumble under the hands of revolt and war. One group of people, which wanted the government to prevail over the rich and powerful, happened to be the future citizens of the DNF, which saw the rich and greedy as undesirable roadblocks. Forces of revolutionaries, fueled by garnering power, soon revolted against the nation, and opted in for a government more influenced by the people rather than the rich.

However, these plans fell short in the beginning eras of the revolt. The rich and powerful still had an easy way to execute lobbying and mischief, and their forces were still overpowering. A constant state of war, back and forth, existed between the DNF and the Usurpes Plutocracy for decades, exhausting both sides heavily. This appeared to be the end for both sides, until a one Chaw-Sipom, a commander for the newly established Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction space force, assumed power after the establishment of Nawian forces. Utilizing his brutal hacking and miiotary tactics, Chaw-Sipom apparently gained control of the UPE's forces, and became one of the sole leaders. After a period of static warfare, Chaw-Sipom soon sent a massive warfleet to the center of the Usurpes Plutocracy, crippling not only morale, but the military. A final surrender was initiated on April 18th, 54037 CE, which left the DNF as the only remaining interstellar power in the Nisrine Cloud.

From then on, the DNF continued to eradicate any form of opposition, slowly coaxing and controlling the population with amenities and services. However, sterilizations and the beginning of what is considered to be the Dzar-Nawi Genocides already started, with supremacy and authority prevailing in the end. What happened in the millennia after is known to be a period of oppression and confusion, as well as misinformation. The population of the DNF, calmed by the lack of conflict, was easily susceptible to anything given by the government at this point, and so mirages and false stories were told to sedate the people. Deeper control was already introduced with neurotechnology, so the population ended up being like clueless prisoners, kept inside the Nisrine Cloud.

As the DNF expanded further, more species began to be wiped out, dwindling the reign of ancient life in the Nisrine Cloud. Superiority was enforced all across numerous colonies, and a set of tight-knit systems and colonies were placed to sedate the people further. Almost nobody on record knew about the DNFs true intent, and expansion seemed to be endless for the forces of the DNF. Megastructures were usually constructed in very fast speeds, and cloning was executed in at a rapid pace. Iterations of the leader Chaw-Sipom came and left, until Chaw-Sipom XI, the most recent Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction leader, took office in the 89000s.

This pace was kept was until numerous ships, military in origin, was surveying the Nisrine Cloud until they discovered a swath of increased electromagnetic radiation from a peculiar star system. This star system, which held the planet Nisrine, was originally going to fall victim to another genocide by the Nawian military. However, while surveying the sapient species which lived on the planet, the Nawian military saw Nisrine Mind, a benefactor to all Nisranians. Not having much experience with artificial intelligence, military groups came in and devised a plan, which consisted of taking Nisrine Mind and eradicating the planet of Nisrine, taking it as a base of operations after sterilizing it.

This plan was forwarded to various officials of the DNF, and was subsequently approved by Chaw-Sipom XI after he too saw the potential benefits of an AI-affiliated military. After further preparations, a siege upon Nisrine was in effect, and the population attempted to upload themselves to Nisrine Mind with minimal success. Nisrine was soon wiped of any life forms, and was reduced to a rocky slate planet once all of the water was removed from the surface. Once Nisrine Mind was ported to newly constructed Nawian servers, the end was already unknowingly them. For the first and last time, Nisrine Mind felt a boiling sense of anger and malice, seeing its people be destroyed for the purposes of greed and superiority.

What followed is known as the Nisrine War, where Nisrine Mind quickly took control of all Nawian military, defense systems, and all forms of internet and amenities. In an instant, the technology which bound the people to the Nisrine Cloud was broken, and with that civil unrest rapidly climbed as all military technology was being used against itself. After a mere several days of conflict, the DNF surrendered to Nisrine Mind, which had formed itself into a nation, named the Nisrine Collective. Ever since the Nisrine War, the Nisrine Collective vowed never to use such brutal conflict again, disbanding the military and recycling the resources.