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94,638 CE - Today


The Nisrine Collective (Often referred to as The Collective) is a cyberocracy located in the Nisrine Cloud, a large nebula in the Holara Hinterlands of the Aylothn Galaxy. It is most widely known for being one of the most recently created nations in the Aylothn Galaxy. The Collective is otherwise known for its rather turbulent history, as well as its uniquity in its government and society. Currently, The Collective is entirely operated by an artificial superintelligence, named the Nisrine Mind. It has its operations stationed on a planet-turned-shellworld, named Nisrine. Nisrine also acts as the current capital of The Collective, and is where a large number of the population resides.

The Nisrine Collective was first born out of an event named the Dzar-Nawi Genocides. A now fallen nation, named the Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction (DNGF), came to power after revolting against the Usurpes Plutocracy of Etheaunsk in 94,075 CE. Through ways of force and attempted sterilizations, the DNGF gained a high level of power in their local sector. However, a sterilization of a species dubbed as Nisranians upset the Nisrine Mind, which deeply cared for its former citizens. A conflict named the Nisrine War took place not long after, and the DNGF was crippled in a short timespan. To avenge the dead and ensure safety, the Nisrine Mind created a nation, which is what The Collective represents today.

As a result of the Nisrine War, The Collective has taken charge of the old DNGF territory. It has since cleared the area of debris, seeded life on numerous worlds, and built megastructures at blistering speed. The Collective has also provided for the remaining people, granting them worlds where they may flourish like the Nisranians used to. It has since become one of the most developed nations of all time, with its borders flourishing with a new era of prosperity, unlike most others in the Holara Hinterlands. Expansion has also been quick, resulting in The Collective being one of the largest nations in its area.

The population for the Nisrine Collective is immense, with 1.3 octillion people seeking refuge in its territory. By no means is it the greatest though, as the Thulcandran Federation is by far the densest nation in the Holara Hinterlands. Even so, the Nisrine Collective is not to be underestimated, as there exist a countless amount of defenses and surveillance. A network of automated military assets is more than prevalent as well, with large starships piloted by the Nisrine Mind being able to defend the nation from total warfare. It is the rather large population, the density of structures, and the might of the military which has upheld The Collective through its history.

Relations with other nations has been cordial to say the least. The Collective, primarily viewing other nations as potential allies, has partnered up with many. Examples are the Commonwealth of United Economic Nations, the Quintet Puontari Federation, the Thulcandran Federation, and the Sovereign Provinces of Holara. These partnerships have resulted in the Collective becoming a very influential entity within the Aylothn Galaxy. It has also resulted in a high level of trade, immigration, and wealth between The Collective and these nations.

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