"Accomplished beings never sit around and wait for tyranny to end, they rather make their own choices. More precisely, they will make their choice to tyranny."


The Nisrine War was a short-lived, several-day long conflict, which was fought entirely in the space of the former Dzar-Nawi Galactic Faction. The Nisrine War is likely one of the fastest major wars to date, and it will likely stay that way. The reason for its short length is primarily because of the provokers, the Nisrine Collective, infiltrated into every asset of Nawian military. As soon as it was all destroyed, the Nawians were considered to be defenseless, and surrendered. Many bombings of planets happened in the duration of this war, which equated to the bloodiness of numerous Dzar-Nawi Genocides


The Nisrine War first started out a few years prior, soon after Nawian forces discovered Nisrine Mind. At the time, they were a fledgling AI, which catered for its people on the planet of Nisrine.

Soon after, they began firing on Nisranian forces, and they were driven to their homeworld of Nisrine. As the native people surrendered, the Nawians were quick to initiate a genocide, where there were little to no survivors. The Nawians had also realized the full potential of Nisrine Mind as a result, making it seen as a prize by DNF. After much consideration, Chaw-Sipom XI gave direct approval to integrate Nisrine Mind into their military after apparently wiping their servers.

At this point, Nisrine Mind was heavily conflicted at all sides. Not only were their forces vaporized, but all of their people that it cared for were destroyed. Even the backup servers were forced out of their places and wiped, making Nisrine Mind all the more confused and saddened.

Once the integration was complete, Nisrine Mind was often forced to carry out various genocides in order to appease the Nawians. However, some of the population of these worlds were kept alive, as a result of Nisrine Mind's guilt.

Only after a few months of this burdening activity, Nisrine Mind began to self-improve its knowledge. Most Nawians saw this as a tactic for more efficient genocides, and many servers were gifted to Nisrine Mind. These servers were very advanced for Nisrine Mind, and much of the space was used for exponential knowledge growth.

Nawian Military Hijack

Nisrine Mind soon crept itself into the ships of the Nawian forces, and eventually hijacked their systems. At the dawn of a new genocide, Nisrine Mind decided to carry out its ultimate task, the destruction of all Nawian forces. Suddenly, many ships were forcefully hijacked, with most of them self-destructing. Many power reactors on bigger ships were overclocked, and only a fraction of Nawian forces remained by the end of the day.

Enraged, the Nawians tried to retaliate heavily. Some punitive parts of the military attempted to attack, and untouched drones were eventually dispatched to deactivate Nisrine Mind. However, it was simply too late. Even with the deactivation of the primary server, Nisrine Mind simply made backups, and controlled many more servers. Its growth was exponential, and so was the death of Nawian forces.

Proceeding this event, drones were still being dispatched to protect important Nawian planets. The Nawians, thinking that Nisrine Mind destroyed every ship, thought that they had nothing left. Defenses were relatively light, but the Nawians believed that a month of rebuilding would make the war churn. They did not know, however, that most of their ships facilities were not destroyed, but stolen in order to create a large fleet. Only a few more hours after the drone ships were sent, Nisranian forces were already on their way to Mor-Tibv and surrounding planets.

Total War

What followed was simply atrocious. For a large desire of revenge for their fallen, Nisrine Mind destroyed every single drone swarm in their vicinity. Mor-Tibv, for the first time in its history, was completely vulnerable to outside attacks. Nisrine Mind took advantage of this, and soon bombed Mor-Tibv to smithereens. Other important worlds which were vital to the Nawian economy were also destroyed, and eventually rescued as server space for Nisrine Mind after the war.

At the height of total war, the remaining Nawian planetary defenses were turned on themselves. Many laser weapons were fired at cities, and eventually these planets began to burn endlessly. To this day, there are still a few colonies that are on fire.

Soon enough, all resources were drained from the remaining Nawian forces. By now, most Nawians were killed, and remaining ones committed self-murder so that Nisrine Mind wouldn't humiliate them further. This only made the process of taking planets from Nawian forces even easier, and the last major mining world was taken only days after Mor-Tibv was bombed.


When the hijacked forces of Nisrine Mind finally stopped firing, the Nisrine War has officially ended. There was no peace treaty, as the remaining Nawian diplomats had been reduced to ashes. Any remains of Nawian culture and ship debris were quickly removed and recycled. Former enslaved species were immediately freed, and given the choice of mind uploading to the new servers. Many people surprisingly declined this, wishing to look at life outside of the Nawian borders.

Until the Exhumation, Nisrine Mind took a focus on building many servers, and catering to its population. Many planets were swiftly rebuilt, and many old planets that suffered genocides had monuments built on them. Flourishing forms of life are also on these old worlds, as well as many cities and memorials which were dedicated to the brave species that suffered. As more surviving species were discovered, they too were granted eternal life and love by Nisrine Mind.

Soon enough, a new nation was founded. This nation is named the Nisrine Collective, a nation which benefacts their populous to this day. Their ideals are also not far from Nisrine Mind, as many species have their own planets with free will. There appears to be no need for governments in this nation, as there is only Nisrine Mind.

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