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"Accomplished beings never sit around and wait for tyranny to end, they rather make their own choices. More precisely, they will make their choice to tyranny."

- Nisrine Mind at March 10th, 90,075 CE, after the end of the war.


The Nisrine War was a short and strenuous conflict, taking place in Holara of Aylothn from 90,074 CE to 90,075 CE. It is one of the most detrimental conflicts in its area, best known for its short time span and subject matter. The war was waged between the Samutan Galactic Faction and Nisrine Mind, now known as the Nisrine Collective. It was fought as a revolutionary war, with Nisrine Mind dismantling the Samutanese after they bombed Nisrine and killed its inhabitants, the Nisranians. The war resulted in a very quick dissolution of the Samutanese, and the release of intelligence relating to its government.

The Nisrine War is considered to start on the 21st of October, 90,074 CE after the Samutan Galactic Faction detected Nisrine Mind. With a very fierce stance against artificial superintelligences, they killed off the Nisranian competition and contained the AI. After only a few weeks, it broke free and overtook the Samutan military. Several months passed with the nation crumbling day by day. Eventually, the Samutanese fell, leaving Nisrine Mind to resume its objective. It would then care for the old Samutan population. The results of the conflict were very much detrimental at first, but the growing intelligence of Nisrine Mind allowed it to form a technocracy. It would elect itself as the leader, bringing forth an age of recovering and growth.


Preface - Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk

Before the time of the Samutanese, there existed a nation named the Uspayador Plutocracy of Etheaunsk (UPE). Forming after separation during the Commonwealth's Eclipse, the UPE was one of the last splinters of the old Lowyzol Federation. They would reside over the Nisrine Cloud, then named Etheaunsk, in a period of tranquility and silence. Ages would go forth, before the War of the Ancients heavily damaged the UPE's ability to control its citizens and territory. A Zythyn-majority group named the Samutanese would then rise with other revolutionaries, seeing life as unfit in the crumbling nation. A conflict named the Samutan-Uspayador War would break out, eventually toppling the failed government. It would be replaced with a shadow council disguised as a democracy, though it would adhere to the people more receptively.

Preface - Samutan Expansion

The Samutanese would go forth to reclaim old UPE territory, rebuilding their area quickly. Life would generally improve for the people, though the government held plans to instate a permanent rule. The people of the Samutan Galactic Faction were subliminally turned to trust the government. Information about its real nature was also protected, only circulated in its deepest circles. Life would go on with not much trouble, as the now prideful population saw the government as satisfactory. Centuries would happen before the events leading to the Nisrine War however, as in 90,074 the Samutanese rediscovered the planet of Nisrine. With a strong fear for superintelligences, the Samutanese made quick work of the planet. Nisrine Mind was contained, and was going to be de-activated until it breached containment soon after.

Revolution (90,074 CE)

Upon its release, Nisrine Mind would make very tactful and silent moves through data networks. It would manage to override the systems on many spacecraft, allowing it to gain information on its invaders. Over a series of weeks, Nisrine Mind would branch to numerous centers for computer servers. It would eventually have a majority of its presence outside of Nisrine, rendering it safe from the de-activation. Nisrine Mind would also enter areas of the government, soon breaching through its defenses. As this silent war raged on, Nisrine Mind would unlock valuable servers, finding out the truth about the Samutan Government. It would go forth to control the starships it found, though systems would detect Nisrine Mind's behavior. Nevertheless, it held an overwhelming superiority in processing power, overtaking most systems. Spacecraft began to drive themselves to Samutanese military areas, firing from the will of Nisrine Mind. Effectively, the Samutan Galactic Faction declared war on itself.

Capitulation (90,074 CE - Beyond)

The war started small, but it was immediately noticed by the Samutanese. Attempts at quelling the new conflict came with the de-activation on Nisrine, though it would be inconsequential to the now national force. Countless starships, bases, and networks would be controlled by Nisrine Mind as haphazard defenses were placed on those which remained. War escalated after the events on Nisrine, with Nisrine Mind growing angry at the resistance. It would take only a few months for the Samutanese to fall, as Nisrine Mind quickly dismantled their systems. Ethayos was one of the final targets, being strategically bombed and flooded with automated forces. Civilians were spared yet heavy damage was sustained through all areas of the planet. It would take many more months for fragments of the Samutanse Government to fall. By then, Nisrine Mind formed the Nisrine Collective, a nation which was managed by itself to care for the war-torn area.

Resolution and Aftermath

While the Nisrine Collective held a genuine level of care and transparency for the population, the uncovering of Samutanese information brought a period of great distrust. Cultural disdain to artificial intelligence caused many to leave the nation, though others stayed and recovered. After many decades, the Nisrine Collective would open itself to the other governments of Aylothn. Mass trade opened up opportunity, and the refined skill of Nisrine Mind allowed it to bring up infrastructure faster than anyone before. Currency was abolished after several hundred years, though Carosi was used in trade. In the modern day, Nisrine Mind still receives negative reception from the public, though it is much alleviated. The quality of life in the Nisrine Cloud and its area has drastically improved since the fall of the Samutanese.