The Noctis-Umbra were an ancient early type three species of bipedal humanoid bryophyta organisms native to planet Hocestetiamipsa of the Unity's Domain in the Ambrosia Galaxy that existed from 3,458,000,000 BCE to 604,000,000 BCE.

They stand as one of the most technologically impressive species in the *known* universe, and one of the most important species in Ambrosia's Galactic history.


The Noctis-Umbra were quite the unique species, as they were a species of bipedal plants that took the appearance of humanoids that were as black as shadows. They are most famous for being one of ten founding species of the Etymology after the War of the Ten in 3,400,000,000 BCE.

They were a very technologically powerful people, thanks to them being the native species of Mystara, one of the Ten Supreme Authorities of the Etymology. She would create countless technological wonders for the Noctis-Umbra, making them the single most technologically powerful species the Ambrosia Galaxy has ever known.

They had quite the prosperous history as a people, as they once held sole control of around thirty eight percent of the Ambrosia Galaxy. This massive amount of power would be one of the many catalysts that would start the War of the Ten. All of this combined, has led to the Noctis-Umbra being one of, if not the most famous and influential singular species in the Ambrosia Galaxy's long history.

Ironically, Mystara would ultimately lead to the destruction of their species when her greatest creation, the C.Y.R.E.X rebelled against its creators, destroying all that they held control over in 604,000,000 BCE.

Now, they simply exist as a footnote in Ambrosia's long history. A fitting, but bitter-sweet ending.


The Noctis-Umbra resembled a type of moss of the "Takakiopsida" family native to various planets and moons, and were all universally colored in a pitch black tone, with the same amount of light reflection as black acrylic paint, making them nearly impossible to see in the dark to those who did not have nocturnal or infrared vision.

This moss like composition was made up of millions of individual strains of plant mass that would grow larger as the Noctis-Umbra in question ages. Their plant bodies are made up of the same type of moss that covers the surface of their home planet. If any part of the plant mass would be damaged, and or falls off of the main body structure of the Noctis-Umbra, then it will begin to grow back, and the time frame of this will vary depending on the severity of the damage.

Much alike most humanoid species, they possessed four limbs, with two arms and two legs. At the end of each arm there were humanoid hands with five digits, along with opposable thumbs to assist in the grabbing of objects. At the end of their legs are two feet like appendages, which holds five toe-like digits in order to assist in balance.

Their eyes are small white oval like objects that glow with a strange form of bioluminescence, making them standout in the endless darkness of their home world. These eyes give them an impressive viewing range of around fifteen kilometers, allowing them to view almost everything that is happening around them.

Their hearing abilities aren't anything to write home about though, with a hearing range of around one hundred kilohertz.

On their faces they lack any features, other then the aforementioned eyes. Due to this, one would think that they would able to speak in way, shape, or form, but this appears to be not the case. Instead, they would communicate with a strange form of inborn telepathy, allowing them to converse with any one individual with a sentient consciousness as they wish.

The language they spoke to each other could only be understood by the Noctis-Umbra themselves, while they would use whatever language the respective individual of another species spoke.

They could only turn their heads in one hundred and forty degrees due to their necks being made up of sixteen cervical vertebrae

They did not reproduce in any way. Instead, an individual Noctis-Umbra would sprout from the endless moss filled landscapes of Hocestetiamipsa at certain points of time, seemingly at random. This made the population of the Noctis-Umbra massive as they existed for billions of years.

The Noctis-Umbra species was made up of two sex's, male and female. And, while these didn't serve any functional purpose, they would dictate the height, weight, and overall physical appearance. With females often being taller, standing around thirteen feet, and weighing seventy eight pounds. While males were shorter, at around nine feet tall, and around forty pounds. As well, females would have noticeable hair like parts of their structure that would extend to about shoulder level.

Their diet would be made up of the moss like ground that they walked on, with them often just simply reaching down and taking handfuls of the plant and consuming it. It accomplished this by placing the plant on their person, which would dissolve itself into the larger structure of the Noctis-Umbra in question.


The collective behavior of the Noctis-Umbra species would be a strange form of a collective hive-mind like concept, with them not actually operating under any form of hive-mind. With almost each and every Noctis-Umbra would do everything in their power to benefit the larger species they were apart of rather then themselves. Of course there are a few exceptions. Most notably and famously, Mystara wouldn't follow this mindset, and each and everything she did in her life was to benefit her alone.

Their behavior towards other intelligent species would be that of contempt and disgust, as they were, almost entirely across the board, extreme specists. As a result, all other intelligent species were viewed as simple objects to own, use, and dispose of as they saw fit. This resulted in the enslavement of numerous intelligent species during their own respective rule as an intragalactic empire.

Due to this, the Noctis-Umbra never engaged in any sort of war with themselves, only engaging in conflicts with other intelligent species they had territorial and or resources disputes.

Originally, they had a massive lifespan of around seven thousand and eighty standard years, allowing an individual Noctis-Umbra to accomplish much in its lifetime. As well, they would discover a way to stop the aging process and become virtually immortal, much alike many intelligent species. It took around one thousand standard years for an individual Noctis-Umbra to mature to adulthood.

Their romantic relationships would function in a very similar manner to humans and various other intelligent species. Hetrosexual, homosexual, as well as every other known types of relationships would be quite common across the Noctis-Umbra. In fact, romance was a big part of their culture, and this would last until' their destruction. If a Noctis-Umbra remained unmarried after their young adult-years, then they would viewed with some form of ridicule.


The Noctis-Umbra's culture would mostly be focused on the collective advancement of the their species. This could vary from simple cultural advancements, to larger scientific advancements in the fields of technology and space travel. This caused the Noctis-Umbra to advance in the various civilization stages much faster then most. And when Mystara came into existence, they would be slingshoted even more.

They never had any *known* form of religion. Instead, they viewed themselves as the masters of the cosmos, with no need to create any figures that were above them.

After they became an interstellar species, expansion and exploration were paramount in Noctis-Umbra culture, leading to the vast majority of the species workforce to be in these aforementioned fields. This allowed them to take control of over thirty eight percent of the Ambrosia Galaxy in a relative short amount of time.

Once the Etymology was formed, the Noctis-Umbra's culture would remain untouched, as they were one of the respective species that were in the upper echelons of the Etymology's government. This also made the Noctis-Umbra to be viewed by species that were lower then them on the social hierarchy to revere them with almost divine reverence.


As previously stated, the Noctis-Umbra originally operated as a collective. And as such, their government did as well. This meant that all laws and polices that the main governmental body of the Noctis-Umbra wanted implemented needed to be agreed upon by the entire populace. And due to the Noctis-Umbra operating on the same wavelength, consensus would be reached fairly quickly.

Once the Etymology was formed, the governmental structure of the Noctis-Umbra would change with it. However due to them being one of the founding members of the aforementioned intragalactic civilization, they were given preferential treatment from the Ten Supreme Authorities, especially Mystara in particular for obvious reasons. And as such, Noctis-Umbra would be given better jobs and housing compared to most. As well, they would be elected as Philology Council members more often then the lower species.


The Noctis-Umbra's technology ebbed and flowed along the same path nearly every intelligent species does. However unlike most, due to their inborn natures and personalities, Noctis-Umbra technology advanced very quickly. Only taking thousands of standard years to advance at levels that would take tens of thousands.

And of course, once Mystara was born, the technology of the Noctis-Umbra would rapidly grow. Sometimes, it would increase in the short time frame of standard weeks, making them one of the most technologically impressive species in the *known* universe. How one organic individual could be so technically minded remains unknown.

Another reason their technology was so impressive would be the Liber, an artificial entity that operate as an interconnected A.I hive mind system, and could be seen as the precursor of the C.Y.R.E.X. named Lanatolia, which shares its name with the legendary figure in ancient Noctis-Umbra history. It would connect all pieces of technology that the Noctis-Umbra had in their arsenal, making seamless communication and a near infinite processing ability. And, much like the C.Y.R.E.X that would follow, the Liber would rebel against its creator, which has often been considered to be the opening move of the War of the Ten.

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