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The Noraki are an Xeno species from the Icarus Region, in Lewis Galaxy and thus Herschel Space. They are native to the planet Eka in the Oran System. the Noraki are a strong unified species, guided by powerful and respectable people of their community. It is a strong psionic species of a high degree of advancement. They communicate through telepathy but also have the ability of language, unlike other species who have lost their sounding abilities. They originated in an warm planet, with small islands full of jungles.

They are lead by a government, that they call "Inoi", equivalent to a Senate or Parliament and their Senator are known as "Mun" in their spoken tongue. They reach the Mun status throughout service and merit in a sophisticated meritocracy.

The "Amai" figure is the most important in the Noraki state. It is a Mun elected by the members of the Inoi for a temporary time, to lead it. The Amai has special powers and its the equivalent to a human president. The Amai are usually people of great influence and prestige.


They are a species evolved from the Jungles of Eka. They possess one of the strongest psionic powers ever recorded among aliens by humanity.

The Noraki are oviparous, lying a couple eggs every time. The Noraki do not have gender and are of hermaphrodite nature, so all are able to lay eggs depending on circumstances and usually perform functions of both genders when they mate. They mate on a ceremony called the "Rununui".


The Noraki are an advanced civilization, they extend themselves throughout the Okaia Quadrant of the Lewis Galaxy, at the end of the Drakori Galactic Arm, in the subsection called the Niku Drakori Arm. There, they have expanded until coming into contact with the Empire of Mankind which wasnt swallowed by Humans because they were less technologically advance. Nevertheless, the expansion of the Noraki came to an end and they were confined to the Aldess Void, the Icarus Region, the Hutte Shroud and event to a portion of the Lodingel Corridor. All this areas are consider to be Noraki Space.

Their land covers a large space of the Drakoni Arm, somewhere around 230 to 370 million star systems, still small if compared with the space of other nations like the Empire or the Union.


The Noraki arose first in the Jungles of Eka, a warm planet covered in lush forests. It still had some deserts in the equator and some colder regions in the poles but overall the normal temperature is high for humans in comparison and humidity is also very high. They arose from a mix between Plants and shelfish-like creatures who became symbionts to form advanced forms of life.

In the early ages of their development, the Noraki arose from the shores adapting to a more inland way of life leaving the much needed sea for just land and although they kept some of their waterfeatures, they also greatly adapted into what we know as Noraki today. Early on they began as a Primitive society of tribal nature. It is believed that this was the case under many pass civilizations who overlook them but they might have appeared once this civilizations were gone.

Soon a civilization began in Eka that led to the contruction of a civilization that advanced towards planetary unification. By the year 14 000 CE, it seems that they reached planetary unification and began exploring and colonizing their nearby space. In 25 100 CE they came in contact with the Empire and a brief tense conflict arose setting the borders between both in the Icarus Region which was at the time sparsely colonized by the Noraki.

Culture and Society

They dedicate themselves to technology and research and revere knowledge very much. People who serve well the Noraki community are elected for the government. They are highly communal and collectivistic.

The Noraki are highly equal society and regard every member based on what they can give to the community.