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The Noraki are an Alien species from the Icarus Galaxy, native to the Planet Eka in the Oran System. the Noraki are a strong unified species, guided by powerful and respectable people of their community. It is a strong psionic species of a high degree of advancement. They communicate through telepathy but also have the ability of language, unlike other species who have lost their sounding abilities. They originated in an warm planet, with small islands full of jungles.

They are lead by a government, that they call "Inoi", equivalent to a Senate or Parliament and their Senator are known as "Mun" in their spoken tongue. They reach the Mun status throughout service and merit.

The "Amai" figure is the most important in the Noraki state. It is a Mun elected by the members of the Inoi for a temporary time, to lead it. The Amai has special powers and its the equivalent to a human president. The Amai are usually people of great influence and prestige.


They are a species evolved from the Jungles of Eka. They possess one of the strongest psionic powers ever recorded among aliens by humanity.

The Noraki are oviparous, lying a couple eggs every time. The Noraki do not have gender and are of hermaphrodite nature, so all are able to lay eggs depending on circumstances and usually perform functions of both genders when they mate.

Culture and Society

The Noraki are an advanced civilization, they extend themselves throughout Herschel space in various galaxies They however dedicate themselves to technology and research and revere knowledge very much.

People who serve well the Noraki community are elected for the government. They are highly communal and collectivistic.