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The Northern Jewel Systems Alliance, also known as the Northern Alliance, is a militaristic dictatorship made up of 50-60 Star Systems and is the other main nation in the Jewel Cluster of the Eulciar. It is slowly crumbing apart from political instability, rebellions and sanctions from outside nations.

The Alliance is known to be highly xenophobic and are known to commit horrific war crimes against the other species, whether they're from inside or outside the Jewel Cluster. For many other reasons, the alliance has very negative relations with the many factions of the Eulciar Union of Nations. The Alliance has full control of about 4 Sectors:

Konov Sector (Konov)

Industrial Sector (Aviri)

Nomos-Bibos Sector (Nomos)

Colonies (Hes 56)


The Alliance has a very strict dictatorship, led by a great ruler, along with a council of advisors, with the capital in Imperial City in the core planet of Konov. Volvora is the homeworld of the Volvoran species, a race that originally attempted to integrate into galactic society, but an incident that to this day is still dispute as to who caused it led to the volvoran's hatred of any other aliens. Volvora is the economic capital of the Alliance. Every world in the alliance has a local governor that is elected by the Imperial Council.


The Alliance has a large navy, far larger in terms of ships than the Federation Starfleet, but suffers from the lack of flexibility, a proper starfighter corps, and incompetency in the Alliance High Command. It also has a large army, primarily consisting of inexperienced conscripts, slaves, and fanatic, with some experienced units mixed in. Their Weapons and equipment are technologically inferior to their Federation Counterparts, as most of these are either stolen or reversed engineered from other cultures and nations. The Navy is the most advanced branch, with the latest technology, and the only branch up to par with the Federation Security Forces.

The Army

The Alliance has a large standing army, but is far smaller than their Federation counterparts, and is far less experienced.