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Nox Zarvonia is an immense metropolis on Aziel, as well as the capital of Nachor's Federation. Nox Zarvonia is Aziel's largest city, covering an area of approximately ten million square kilometers, or two percent of the planet's surface. Its populace is as vast, numbering in the tens of millions of people, outnumbering even the largest cities constructed on Aziel. Nox Zarvonia had a population of fifty million registered inhabitants in the previous decade, considerably outnumbering the other cities. According to data published by well-known tourism agencies, Nox Zarvonia is Aziel's second-most-visited city, coming in only slightly behind Azurgia. The average yearly tourist count for the last decade was twelve million civilians, nearly equaling Chiramagi's entire population.

Several variables that contribute significantly to the city's overall living quality explain Nox Zarvonia's rapid expansion. The rich meadows of Equis provided inexhaustible flat territory to build on, while the otherwise hot climate was regulated by an enormous river delta that carried ice from far-away mountains into the oceans, with wind spreading the coldness to the city. Nox Zarvonia's territory also bordered the Eyanix Ocean, as well as a vastly resource-rich region of the planet, allowing it to thrive thanks to a steady supply of water and resources. These factors have primarily contributed to the wealthiness of the city, as several cities on Equis completely rely on Nox Zarvonia for imports of water, food, and resources.

Nox Zarvonia is divided into five independent boroughs known as Vathull, Cralia, Yaver, Zenar, and Drison. These boroughs are fairly similar to distinct cities, separated by vast swathes of land, though they are interconnected by the Nox Zarvonian Hypersonic Railway System. With the exception of Cralia, each borough has a unique and direct purpose, such as tourism, manufacturing, or agriculture. Each of these boroughs has its own unique history, architecture, and culture. Yaver, for example, is a coastal area surrounded by nature, whereas Drison is a gritty industrial borough. The only borough without a distinct purpose and design is Cralia, which is the capital of the city. Cralia offers a mixture of the four other boroughs in the largest urban areas of Aziel.

Nox Zarvonia is one of Aziel's most remarkable cities, as its entire power is generated by a single anti-matter reactor complex, which converts matter into anti-matter in a fashion that generates massive amounts of electricity, causing an enormous chain reaction that generates the tens of thousands of megawatts of electricity the city uses on a daily basis. This reactor complex is a kilometer beneath the ground of Cralia, the city's economic capital, and contains dozens of anti-matter reactors that must all be operational at all times. Nevertheless, the government officials and inhabitants of Nox Zarvonia are always ready for malfunctions of the anti-matter reactors, as a sophisticated auxiliary solar farm a hundred kilometers from the city is able to send minimal power to the city to keep it running long enough for the anti-matter reactors to be fixed.

Nox Zarvonia has been said to be the most influential city of Aziel, as some of the largest corporations of Aziel and beyond can trace themselves back to this very city, in which they were born and rose to success. One of the most prominent examples would be Hubble Travels Incorporated, which was originally intended to be a simple company which transported civilians all across Equis, but soon rose above to eventually go as far as transporting people to the farthest worlds of the Auralumina System. Aziel's prime corporation dedicated to technology, Aurorian Applied Cybernetics, which has expanded humanity's technological advancement several decades ahead, originates from Nox Zarvonia as well.

Nox Zarvonia's origins can be dated back to a colony of the same name, which soon expanded into a vast and thriving urban center. Over the course of several decades, it evolved to encompass much of the planet and its population. As the Great Separation took place, the city devolved into utter chaos and death, as hundreds of thousands of individuals struggled to survive in the wasteland that Aziel had become. In the very ruins of Nox Zarvonia, one alliance rose above all others to dominate much of the city, forming the first forms of government. Shortly thereafter, Nachor's Federation was founded, and Nox Zarvonia became the first city to be free from the clutches of death and destruction. Much of the city was in ruins after the Great Separations, though with effort it was restored five decades after Nachor's Federation had been founded.







Military Installations

Fort Exodus

The Scorpio Drydock of Fort Exodus

Fort Exodus is an immensely large, government-owned military installation on the outskirts of Neo Zarvonia. As the largest military base on the planet, Fort Exodus is one of the few aspects that are integral to the Nachor's Navy's ability to thrive and expand. At Fort Exodus, it houses 246,000 personnel at any given time, though this number has more than doubled during the Nachor-Chevyania War, during which a large number of individuals were required to operate from this base. Fort Exodus covers around two thousand square kilometers of ground and is positioned only a hundred kilometers from the industrial borough of Drison.

As its significance is immense, it is under constant protection by automated laser cannons and flak lasers, as well as a constant patrol which oversees the entire base. Anyone seen near the entrance of the base is given an ultimatum to exit the premises in a minute or they will be eliminated by the base's security forces. An energy-field is utilized in the protection of Fort Exodus, which has saved the base from the ashes of destruction several times. The energy-field protects any incoming laser-based weaponry from penetrating the shield, thus protecting the base. One thing the energy-field can't protect against is attacks by ballistic weaponry or bombing. As a result, several flak lasers have been constructed to destroy and neutralize incoming bombs before they can reach the base.

Fort Exodus offers several services to Nachor's Navy, several of which are integral to keeping the military running. First and foremost, it acts as a large repair station, for if any of Nachors' Navy's owned vessels were to be damaged, they'd get repaired here. Secondly, Fort Exodus operates as a refueling station for even the largest of military vessels. Fort Exodus is able to refuel thousands of ships, ranging from nimble interceptors to immense warships, at a time. Many automated production facilities lie within Fort Exodus as well, and produce a large portion of the military's vessels, weaponry, and equipment.

Solstice Airbase

Echo Base



The illuminating lights of the Sadice District, one of the more visited areas of Nox Zarvonia

Tourism is a vital industry of Nox Zarvonia, as well as one of the city's leading industries. Last year alone, Nox Zarvonia received seventy billion Fronesi from tourism, with over two hundred million tourists visiting the city, a million of whom stayed for more than a week. Most of the tourists come from either Nachor's Federation or countries that aren't as advanced to see the sophisticated marvels of engineering and construction of Nox Zarvonia first-hand, with the highest numbers of foreign tourists coming from UTZF, Ethuyan, and Aclaria.

Some of the most popular tourist destinations include the Jade Coast, a hundred-kilometer-long warm beach bordering the Eyanix Ocean, and the Sadice District, the largest entertainment district in Nox Zarvonia, with over a thousand individual establishments based on the goal of entertainment. One of the more symbolic places to visit is the Nachor-Chevyania Remembrance Monument, to which thousands of civilians go each day to mourn the losses of millions of brave soldiers who selflessly risked their lives to save millions. The most visited establishment, however, is the Museum of Auralumina's Artifacts, an interactive establishment which lets anyone inspect the countless artifacts of alien origin discovered in the Auralumina System.


Nox Zarvonian Hypersonic Railway System



The Great Separation

Modern Day