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Nun Bulis was once a decaying ringworld, since restored and returned to its full glory. It is located around the star Icha Tiloch, a F-class star. The diameter of the ring is 3.92 AU, with the radius being 1.96 AU. Its circumference 12.315 AU, and a width of a million kilometres, making its entire surface area equal to 1.8472565e+15 kilometres squared. Less than a tenth of a hundredth of a percentage of the entire thing is inhabited, and despite this it has a population exceeding a trillion.



Nun Bulis was created around 952 million years ago, possibly by the Resivali Civilization. It was seeded with life, and colonised. It was proclaimed that it was one of the most important objects in their entire civilization. It took around ten planets to build, and around a hundred years to fully construct.


When the civilization fell, its location was lost, and it fell into ruin. Meanwhile, the remaining life that survived on the patches with relative safety and stability evolved and mutated. They filled all nitches, until intelligent life evolved. This was the Trimnestra, a plantoid civilization based around the grand arch to arced over their sky, wherever on the ring you were.

Rise of Civilization

The Trimnestra spread, until their population was over a trillion. Due to the functionally infinite area of the ring, they had no need to get off the ring. This was amplified by that fact that even at 'night', it was still quite bright and one could see, blocking out the stars. Eventually, they grew curious of why things fell off the ring, and spun out. They launched a few ships, but they all perished. This was the main drive for science in their civilization.

Once they figured out that air was leaking out their hole made in the rimwall, they deduced that there must not be any air outside of the rimwall. They then built accordingly, and launched. For the first time in their history, a Trimnestra saw the full majesty of the night sky. There were only the odd comet outside of the ring, with all worlds being cleared out. This meant that it was not a major discovery, just a queer interesting thing that they discovered there were other things apart from the ring. It was only in 23 043 CE when the Zalanthium Coalition found them, and enlightened them. They founded The Federation of Star's End, which then joined the Zalanthium Coalition.


Due to the huge size of the ringworld, it can and is housing trillions without any noticeable strain on the ecosystem or pollution. Despite this, the entire population of the ringworld is focused on a small area centred around the centre of Triminestra civilization. It covers a million kilometres, and is akin to suburban landscape, with parks and houses. However, it is so huge that light delay is noticeable, making communication to the other side of the region impractical.


The inhabited area of Nun Bulis. The bottom and top boundaries are the rimwalls.

The area inhabited by the population is many many times bigger than any other planet. Even so, the area that would need to be mapped is around only 0.001% of the entire ringworld. No person has ever derived a map system that could represent the entire ringworld, though not for lack of trying.

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